Gokaiger 31

It’s good to have two returning characters as opposed to just the one. It’s even better that both characters had main roles. Jasmine, Ban, Sha-Fu and Ryouma were just cameos in their tribute episodes while another returning character had the main role.

This episode had an interesting twist on the regular tribute story. The Gokaigers found Momo, OhPink fairly quickly. It was rather convenient how the Gokaigers happened to be in the same area as Momo. These conveniences seem to happen so regularly that I’m starting to accept them. Momo is in fact a distraction while Goro, OhRed trying to retrieve the stolen Grand Powers from Basco. While watching I was thinking, wouldn’t it be better for Momo just to leave the Gokaigers alone and not draw attention to UAOH? I’m still not sure what UAOH’s plan actually is. I guess I’ll get it completely after another re-watch.

I actually enjoyed the robot battle between GouJyuRex/GouJyuJin and the Wolzard Fire-Zuuban team. It wasn’t full of stock footage and there was some real danger. It really loved how the robot battle interacted with the ground footage when GouJyuRex fell to the ground, right next to the ground battle.

The Ohranger scene was quite cool and different. Rather than using the theme song or a generic Gokaiger track for the battle music, an insert song for Ohranger was used. It would’ve been nice to hear the Ohranger theme song, but this music was adequate. There have been a lot more team-inspired finishers used in recent tribute episodes since I mentioned it in a previous review. For example, this episode has the use of Ore Bazooka. As I’ve previously mentioned, I really like this.

I’m really interested to see what the Gokaigers will do with the newly acquired Keys. I hope they’re actually used and not forgotten about. It would be really cool (and weird) to see some of the gender flips such as a female DekaMaster, female Rio, male Mele and male MagiMother. I doubt these gender flips will happen, but if they do, I’d expect it to be in a comedy-centric episode.

Now that Basco’s Ranger Keys have been taken, I’m wondering what his next plan is. Maybe he has even more Ranger Keys like X1 Mask? Or maybe he even has some Kaijin Keys? (I know ‘Kaijin’ is a Kamen Rider term, I’m not sure if Sentai uses it too)

I’m not sure if I approve of Basco’s true form. While the costume is awesome, does this mean we’ll see less of the actor’s face? I hope we continue to see more of the actor because I find interactions a lot better when it’s between actor and actor, not actor and costume.


I enjoyed the episode, despite being slightly confused at some points. I give this episode a 4/5

This episode is easily adaptable since Ohranger was used as Power Rangers Zeo and all of Basco’s minions were used in Power Rangers. If Tommy and Kat returned in this episode, it could put the “’A Season to Remember’ isn’t in continuity” debate to rest.