Gokaiger 32

I like how Don and the teenager’s stories related to each other and eventually encouraged Don to keep working on the GokaiGalleon Buster. Although, it does seem that the ‘Don loses his confidence’ has been done before.

I’m not sure whether the scene below is a flashback or not, but I think it is. If it is about Don’s first time on the team, it certainly looks interesting. Knowing Gokaiger, we’ll see an expansion on this in a future episode.

It was interesting to see Changeman being used since they haven’t been used at all yet (they might’ve been used in one of the movies, but I’m not sure on that). It’s strange that they’ve left it this late to use Changeman. Another strange one is Battle Fever J, which hasn’t been used at all so far in the TV series (I know that Battle Fever J have been used in the summer movie). I wonder if there’s a particular reason that these forms haven’t been used. Surely, they can’t have been forgotten about.

The GokaiGalleon Buster was pretty cool, but I’m sure this ‘coolness’ will disappear when it eventually gets used episode after episode. I understand why they do this though; Bandai needs to sell those toys!  It seemed odd that in one scene Don had the basic components of the Buster completed, and then the next scene he had the finished Buster with the GokaiGalleon design and everything. I guess Don is just that good.


I don’t have a lot to say about this episode because to me, it was just ‘there’. Apart from the introduction of the GokaiGalleon Buster, it seemed like nothing happened. Therefore, I give this a 3/5

The scene with the Gokai Changes could still be used in the Power Rangers version, but Dynaman, JAKQ and Changeman would probably have to be cut out and replaced with other teams.