Gokaiger 33

The Zangyack Action Commander this week reminded me a lot of Pudgy Pig from Mighty Morphin. The plans were even the same – eating all food. The one difference is that the Zangyack think that the humans will be easier to conquer without food.

It was really convenient that Gai dropped his Gokai Cellular but I don’t really mind it since the plot that followed was good. I like how Gai, without his Gokai Cellular, showed how much he really cared about being GokaiSilver. The appearance of Ryou (Ryuu Ranger from Dairanger) was well executed and contributed to Gai’s character development, unlike some other guest stars. I loved seeing Gai and Ryou fight side-by-side while un-morphed and doing their own stunts.

We got a full-team Gaoranger Gokai Change in the first battle which is good since it seems like it’s been a while since we’ve seen them. The slow motion and trailing effects in the fight also looked really cool. To reclaim the Gokai Cellular, we have the clever use of Gekiranger. It’s especially good since there’s only five Ranger Keys to be used.

The Dairanger henshin scene was really cool since we got the use of the Dairanger theme and use of various weapons from the original series. The Dai-Gokaigers performed two different Dairanger-inspired finishers before Gai returned to normal and performed stock attacks. I would rather the Zangyack be destroyed by the Dairanger attacks, but at least they’re doing them. The Mecha fight had the same problem: Gokai-Oh and GouJyuJin performed a Dairanger-inspired attack but then they switched to the stock footage of Hurricane Gokai-Oh to finish off the Zangyack


I give this episode a 4/5 because it was a good story for Gai and a great use of Ryou.

This episode could be difficult to adapt for Power Rangers because of the Dairanger use. The monster could also be classed as ‘too silly’ for Power Rangers.