Gokaiger 34

This episode featured Luka’s childhood friend, Cain, played by Yuki Kimisawa who is recognisable with Kamen Rider fans as Kirihiko/Nasca Dopant from Kamen Rider W. The problem with recognisable guest stars with me is that I keep thinking of them as their previous character which is unfortunate, unless their performance with radically different.

The body-changing gimmick of the monster is definitely not unique to this episode, but it was good to see it in use, especially with a more cheerful version of Luka.

It was interesting to see more of Luka’s backstory, especially since this’ll probably be the last Luka-backstory episode. It’s nice to see a side of Luka that dreams about creating a planet for children to live peacefully without the Zangyack and then eventually changing the universe. I would never have guessed that Luka had this side, especially after being so money-hungry in the first few episodes.

After fake-Luka plants bombs around the GokaiGalleon and eventually ‘blows it up’, it was great to see how the Gokaigers got out of it. It seems like there have been a lot of plans working, but eventually being foiled in this season, which isn’t bad. The use of Furaimaru was especially good with the GokaiGalleon image and explosion.

The following fight was excellent featuring Gokai Yellow vs Gokai Yellow and then Gokai Silver vs Gokai Silver. I particularly enjoyed Fake-Gokai Yellow mocking Luka’s poses. When trying to figure out which Gokai Silver is real, I liked the Gokaiger’s thinking of asking a question that only a Super Sentai Fanboy would know, but of course, they wouldn’t know a question. We see a Gokai Change into Megaranger to discover the real Gai, which is a strange choice. I don’t know if there was any reasoning behind it.


I give this episode a 4/5 because it gave a good insight into Luka’s past.

This would be an easy episode to adapt into Power Rangers since there’s not too much ‘silly’ content or pre-Zyuranger teams.