Gokaiger 37 & 38

The main plot of this episode is Marvelous realizing that he doesn’t need to protect the other Gokaigers. I found this plot adequate. It wasn’t the greatest, but it definitely wasn’t the worst.  However, this plot referenced AkaRed which got me wondering about what actually happened to him. I’m sure we’ll find out very soon seeing as we’re edging closer to the finale.

Great Waruzu looked really cool. I don’t think we’ve had an ‘evil Zord’ in the recent seasons so I definitely approved of this. Although, I did think it was a little underused since it was only featured at the end of both episodes. For some reason I find the name of Great Waruzu’s attack ‘Waruzu Guilty’ amusing. Waruzu Guilty – Waruzu Giruti Waruzu Giruti. I thought I’d spell it out, just in case someone didn’t get it.

Finally, we see a Bangai Hero Gokai Change featuring Deka Swan, Signalman, Wolzard Fire, Bull Black (I think that’s his name) and Zuuban. Hopefully we’ll get another Bangai Hero Change in a future episode to cover the remaining Heroes. Also, I found Luka’s Zuuban impression really funny; especially the way she was tormenting the Dogormin.

I’m really glad that Waruzu Giru and Barizorg got something to do because it seems like they’ve just been sitting around in the ship for a while. Damaras also got some development in this episode which is good because I haven’t seen the point in him being there until now. I’m also glad that the Barizorg/Sid/Joe story has come to a satisfying end. The battles between Barizorg and Joe were impressive between the choreography and the cinematograph y. I feel that the Barizorg story was ignored for quite a while, but since it’s only a sub-plot, it was expected.

The climax of this two-parter was the first appearance of Kanzen GokaiOh. I like the overall look of it, except for the giant fist. I’d be okay with it if it was significantly smaller. I definitely think this is in improvement over recent season’s final mechas where they just piled on the ‘Zords’ to create a mecha that couldn’t even move. The finisher isn’t as spectacular as I was hoping. I think it would’ve been better to use the drill arm since the rocket fist seems like regular attack.


I didn’t have as much to say about this episode as I thought but I did enjoy it. I give this two-parter a 3/5

This episode would have to be adapted into Power Rangers because it contains the debut of Kanzen GokaiOh. There’s nothing in this two-parter that is un-adaptable.