Gokaiger 39

The episode begins with the Gokaigers discovering that Marvelous now has an ‘Unlimited Reward’ bounty, which is understandable. I was really surprised that they edited the shot in the opening to reflect this.

This episode primarily takes place in a high school, which just reminded me of Kamen Rider Fourze throughout the entire episode. The first encounter with the high school involves the Gokaigers just walking casually into the ground. I found that quite funny, especially Gai trying to stop them.

The Gokaigers soon meet Date Kenta, also known as MegaRed from Megaranger.  I thought this was really quick since other tribute episodes have taken quite a while for the Gokaigers to discover their identities. There’s nothing wrong with this; it’s just an observation of mine. Once again, Gai’s fanboy-ism comes into action, which is always great.

It was interesting to see the Gokaiger’s reactions to being a student. As expected, Luka, Marvelous and Joe aren’t at all interested. Eventually, the Gokaigers discover the dreams of various students and support them, which seems to be part of Kenta’s plan.

The bomb plot from Basco was good, but I couldn’t help but wonder how the bombs ended up in some of those places. How did the bomb get in the student’s gym bag and the lunchbox? Maybe it was Sally being stealthy? The way these bombs were disposed of was clever, particularly since it used a weapon of a previous team.

The Megaranger tribute scene, as expected, was awesome. The HD version of the henshin was good because we get a clear view of the “Tighten Up Reality Gangstar” text. As well as this, it was nice to see all the weapons and Cyber Sliders used again. I found it strange that Sally wasn’t killed by the Multi-Attack Rifle’s attack given that it’s a finisher. I guess Sally is a lot stronger than regular MOTDs.

Of course, this is followed by an obligatory Mecha battle. I was really surprised to see Magi GokaiOh, even if it was only a short appearance. Kanzen GokaiOh then makes an appearance to finish off the MOTDs. This battle features the debut of Kanzen GokaiOh’s theme, which I like from what I’ve heard of it. The battle was decent, but I’m disappointed that there wasn’t the use of the Megaranger keys.


I give this episode a 5/5 because it was really enjoyable and it was great to see the Megarangers in action again.

This episode would be easy to adapt (as usual) because of the Megaranger focus. The high school setting of this episode could easily be removed and the forest battle could be changed to be an alien planet, keeping with Power Rangers in Space’s theme.