Gokaiger 41

This episode introduced us to Waruzu Giru’s father, the Emperor of the Zangyack: Akudosu Giru. We are also introduced to his generals, Dairandou and Zatsurigu, the latter being the Zangyack who destroyed the planet Famille. I don’t usually like it when the main villain is replaced so close to the end. This is similar to Go-onger where Yogoshimacritein took over in the final few episodes. I don’t like it when this happens because I like the final battle to be with a villain we’ve been with for quite a while and who we know is a threat. However, Akudosu could prove himself in a future episode and live up to his title as the Emperor of the Zangyack.

Finally, this episode brings us the backstory for Ahim. I’m not sure why it’s taken this long, but I’m sure there’s a reason that I just can’t find. The main point of the flashbacks is that her parents were killed right in front of her by Zatsurigu, which was obviously a traumatic experience. To avenge her parents and her planet, Ahim wants to go alone. After a wonderfully performed scene, the other Gokaigers convince Ahim to have some help in killing Zatsurigu.

I thought the final battle of the episode was excellent. The internal monologues (I presume they’re internal) from the Gokaigers spliced in with a montage of Ahim training was great, in terms of story and how it looked. It was also interesting to see Ahim acting out of her usual princess persona as she fires a Final Wave at the Zangyack from point-blank range.

I loved the use of the Gokai Changes in this episode since it used a lot of Keys that we either hadn’t seen used before or hadn’t been used in a while. It was definitely the perfect opportunity to use the Go-On Wings and the Gouraigers. The highlight of these changes had to be the two ShinkenReds which had only previously existed in SH Figuart pictures. I believe the only unused Ranger Key is MagiMother. I suppose it would’ve been nice to see MagiMother and Wolzard Fire used here as a double team.

I was really surprised to see the Pink Charge used on the Galleon Buster. Since they’ve used the Red Charge every time up until now, I figured that we’d never see the use of other Charges. I’m glad that they’re finally using some other colours because it adds some variety to the stock footage. Some fans expected the Gokai Galleon blast to take the shape of Pink’s Gokai Machine, but since it’s the Galleon Buster, I wasn’t expecting this to happen (even if I’d like it to).


Episode 41 was excellent episode from the story, to the acting and even to the Gokai Changes. I give this episode a 5/5.

Once again, this episode wouldn’t be hard to adapt. If the Pink Ranger’s story was similar to Ahim’s, then the death of the parents would probably be handled differently.