Gokaiger 42 & 43

Early on in Episode 42, we see the Gokai Changes of Gekiranger and Fiveman. The Gekiranger Gokai Change consisted of the main three Gekirangers, Rio and Mele. It found it funny seeing ‘Rio’ acting so ‘wacky’. The Gokaigers as Fiveman used an attack known as ‘Super Five Ball’, which seemed suspiciously similar to the Goranger’s ‘Goranger Storm’.

The Gokaigers soon discover Don’s past as a dragon-slaying hero from a magazine article. Of course, Don can’t remember any of this since he has amnesia, which reminds me of Natsuki/Bouken Yellow. Don convinces the other Gokaigers to feed him delicious food to help him regain his memory. While the Gokaigers are at a luxurious restaurant, we see a flashback to where Don joined the team. I found the flashback hilarious due to Luka’s acting and Don recognising Luka as a space pirate. I’m glad that this flashback addressed how Don got on the team because I often wondered this since he’s not that great in battle.

I found it hilarious how Basco was seemingly just taking Sally out for a walk when he ambushed by Damaras. It is revealed that Basco has reasons for not killing the Gokaigers when he clearly has the power to do it easily. After a brief (and awesome) fight, Damaras forces Basco to help him. Following this, a battle between the Gokaigers and the Damaras/Basco team breaks out, with Basco seemingly killing Gai, Joe, Luka and Ahim. Damaras then takes an injured Marvelous, leaving Don alone.

Marvelous is to be publicly executed on a cross. I’ve noticed that both Kamen Rider and Super Sentai like to execute their heroes on a cross. It is soon revealed that Don planted that magazine article himself and it was just meant as a prank. I really didn’t suspect that the backstory was false. When Don is close to giving up, Navi reminds Don of his first battle which inspires his to save Marvelous.

Don, with the help of Navi, saves Marvelous and the other Gokaigers return. It turns out that Sally saved them from the explosion because Basco needs them all alive. Basco confirms my suspicions that he needs the Gokaigers alive to obtain the Greatest Treasure.

The final battle of this two-parter was really well done, from the explosive roll call to the Red and Green Final Wave. The All Green Gokai Change was really cool and something that I was hoping to happen throughout the season. So far, we’ve only seen all Red, all Black, all White and all Green Gokai Changes; and the first three were only seen in early episodes. Following last episode’s Pink Charge, we see the debut of Green Charge here so it seems like we’re going to see Yellow Charge and Blue Charge in upcoming episodes.

The Mecha battle presented a nice change where we see the return of Magi Dragon, PAT Striker, GaoLion and Furaimaru. The Final Attack involving Kanzen GokaiOh and all of the above was great rather than just the stock-finisher from Kanzen GokaiOh.


I’m really glad that we’ve got a backstory for Don, even though it wasn’t as mysterious as expected. I give this episode a 5/5.

The Fiveman and All Green Gokai Changes would probably have to be reshot because of the involvement of Pre-Zyuranger teams. Otherwise, this episode could be adapted into pretty much anything.