Gokaiger 44

I’m not really sure if this is Battle Fever J tribute episode. While they did gain their Grand Power and Battle Kenya made an appearance, there wasn’t much Battle Fever focus. Although, I think I’ll refer to this episode as the Battle Fever tribute because it does contain these elements.

I thought it was interesting to see the Gokaigers experience Christmas for the first time. I especially enjoyed Luka asking ‘Santa-san’ for a present, not entirely grasping the concept of Christmas. Luka’s facial expressions when Santa refused to give her a present were also hilarious. Luka and Gai soon meet siblings Saya and Seiji.

The Zangyack plot of the week is to turn civilians into dolls, which coincidentally look exactly like the dolls Saya make. Maybe this was a little too convenient? Gai and Seiji are soon turned into dolls, which obviously worries Saya. I didn’t like the Saya/Seiji storyline because I just didn’t really care about the characters. I would’ve preferred the focus to be solely on the Gokaigers.  Luka soon comes up with a plan, which I actually expected to work but it failed at the last second.

Saya quickly steals the Mobirates and transforms into Gokai Yellow, steals the Zangyack’s wand, and reverts everyone back to normal. While I don’t particularly like Saya, I’m glad she resolved her own story.

We get some really cool Gokai Changes in this episode, including an all-Yellow Change, continuing the trend from the previous episode. I really hope they keep this going in future episodes. After the team transform into Battle Fever J, Gai harnesses his Christmas spirit and creates Gokai Christmas. I think this is a case of ‘so weird, it’s awesome’. It’s perfect for Gai’s character. I did enjoy Joe’s comment: “You really can do anything, can’t you?” I did think that Gokai Christmas was slightly underused, but I still enjoyed it nonetheless.

After the battle, the Gokaigers finish Saya and Seiji’s Christmas tree; and with a little help from Luka as Magi Mother, it starts snowing. I really liked how Magi Mother’s power was utilized, and particularly how this now means that every Ranger Key has been used at least once. I found it funny that Marvelous and Joe stood back with their arms folded during this scene, since obviously they don’t care at all at Christmas.


I didn’t have much to say about this episode, but I thought it was decent enough. I give this episode a 3/5.

This episode would likely be cut because of the use of Gokai Christmas and Battle Fever J. However, those scenes could be cut and replaced if necessary.