Gokaiger 47

The episode begins with Marvelous calling Basco, which I found funny since it was so nonchalant. While the Gokaigers fight Sally’s last Roids, Basco shoots Sally, claiming that she has no purpose anymore. I suspected that this was just an act for Sally to get onto the GokaiGalleon, and it turns out that I was right. I also expected the treasure chest that Sally took to be a fake. What I didn’t expect however, was that the whole thing went to plan and Sally was actually a bomb to kill Marvelous.

I’ve always liked Sally for some reason, so it was great to see her get some character development as she struggles between choosing Basco or the Gokaigers. To me, this episode seemed more of a Sally-focus than anything else. I did find it amusing when Sally exploded and was never mentioned again, but I understand why since Marvelous was badly injured.

I loved the scene with Marvelous and Joe on the mast, particularly because we haven’t seen a lot of Marvelous/Joe interactions. I liked how Marvelous figured out the parallels between Sally’s story and his own and knew that Basco would betray Sally one day. I don’t have much else to say about this scene.

The Dairanger fight was great, especially since it showcased each individual power, except RyuuRanger, of course. My brother, who doesn’t know anything about Dairanger, was really surprised to learn that KirinRanger has time manipulation powers. We also see a Hurricaneger Gokai Change and I will never get used to hearing a male voice coming from HurricaneBlue.

The ending was perfect to me; The Gokaigers rendered unconscious, Basco taking control of GokaiGalleon and Basco even taking all the Ranger Keys, including the Gokaigers!  It was a great cliff-hanger leading into Basco’s showdown with Marvelous in the next episode.


While this episode was mainly a set-up for the next episode, I still really enjoyed it. Therefore, I give this episode a 4/5

This episode doesn’t have a lot of useable footage since there aren’t many battles to begin with. The Dairanger battle would have to be cut, but the Hurricaneger and Gingaman battles can obviously stay.