Gokaiger 49

I like how this episode was sort of a tribute to the Flashman, Changeman, Sun Vulcan, Maskman and Fiveman all at once. Since Basco had stolen these powers off-screen, I assumed that they wouldn’t get the usual treatment of a guest star and a battle featuring them. While the guest stars didn’t do a lot, it was still good to see them. I really enjoyed the battle featuring them with the added detail of having all of the theme songs playing and individual (awesome) change sequences.

I found it hilarious how the Gokaigers were trying to get Navi to reveal the treasure, especially when it cuts back after a scene with the Zangyack and Luka now has a hammer. I really like how Navi is the key to the Greatest Treasure because he’s been there the whole season so it’s more satisfying this way rather than the key just being a dues ex machina.

The Great Treasure itself wasn’t what I was expecting it to be. Although, I didn’t really have any idea of what it could be. I’m sure there’s more to it, but for now, it just seems like a ‘wish-granting device’. I liked the dilemma that this put the Gokaigers in. They could choose to erase the Zangyack, which in turn would restore home planets, relatives and friends, but this would mean sacrificing all the Super Sentai powers. The fact that they’re hesitant in this decision shows how much they’ve changed over the course of the season.

I thought that the death of Insaan was rather disappointing. Unlike villains like Basco, Damaras and Barizorg, she didn’t have an individual story; therefore, there wasn’t any build up to a climactic battle. Her battle in this episode seemed like it was just a way to get rid of her so the focus could be on the Emperor for the finale. I also felt that the Mecha battle was a waste of time. Insaan suddenly had a robot to pilot and this wasn’t even the cause of her death.


I give this episode a 3/5. While the first half of the episode was really good, most of the second part really pulled the grade down.

Most of this episode would probably have to be reshot in Power Rangers due to the prominence of pre-Zyuranger teams. I think this episode could be cut and a better exit for Insaan’s character could be arranged.