Brave 03


At the Tiger Boy restaurant, we see that Daigo is now helping out since the staff got sick. Nobu responds with ‘so the king is cooking?’…and everyone responds with a look of disgust. It’s amazing. Daigo calls him Nossan, a combination of Nobu and Ossan (old man), which Nobu isn’t too fond of. I feel like I’ll end up calling Nobu Nossan more often now, especially since I used to call Kuroki Kurorin. Watching them in the corner is Ian, with a ‘lady friend’. Souji enters, orders his usual, and retreats to his corner seat. Amy reveals to the others that it’s her personal mission to make Souji smile, since he always alone and seemingly miserable.

Suddenly, his father appears beside him and drags him outside. Outside, his father feels that Souji’s swordsmanship has gone off track, and that his technique has become like a ‘savage beast’. Then Debo Rouyarouya (based on a jail) attacks! His special attack is throwing jail-like boxes onto people’s heads, and then he absorbs them into a jail on his shoulder. It’s quite a unique power, I’ll give it that. Souji’s father immediately goes to attack, but Red, Blue and Pink show up just in time.

While those three deal with the Zorima, Rouyarouya throws a jailbox at Souji and his father; but using a secret technique or something, Souji’s father deflects the jailbox! WITH A WOODEN SWORD! Souji quickly runs away to morph with his father fights the Zorima. I should probably find out what Souji’s father’s name is…hmm…Wikipedia…ummm…Genryu! It’s Genryu! I don’t know if I’ve said this, but the action has been exceptional so far. All of it. I love it. Anyway, Green soon joins the fight and his backhand sword style is probably my favourite fighting style out of all the Kyoryugers.

Rouyarouya soon gains the upper-hand though, and Black is forced to step in to save the others. Dogold, the Chevalier of Anger interrupts. Can I just say, Dogold’s suit, in my opinion, is just horrendous. It just looks like cardboard and fur. It’s a really odd one, but I’m really not a fan. I hope he’s the first Chevalier to be destroyed. SO MUCH HOPE. Dogold’s quite powerful, he throws lightning and basically throws the Kyoryugers around like rag dolls. Dogold makes some remark about a ‘pathetic sword’ and this pushes Green over the edge. HE GOES NUTS. Red tries to calm him down, but Green isn’t having any of it and starts using the same secret technique as Genryu. Red immediately recognizes this. Black stops Green just in time though. Also, Dogold and Rouyarouya leave.

Back at the Animarium; Daigo, Amy and Nobu recharge their batteries while Black and Green laze around. Daigo tells Green that what he did was dangerous, and Green responds with challenging him to a duel. The rules are set – if Daigo wins, Green has to reveal his identity…if Green wins, he gets to be called king. The fight starts immediately, and Green seems to be winning until Red pulls out his GabuRevolver and shoots! Daigo calls this a victory, but no-one else is impressed. Green admits defeat though, since technically no-one ruled out guns. He demorphs, and Souji is revealed to everyone.

Elsewhere in a cave, Rouyarouya releases his victims in a larger cage, and it’s revealed that these are humans who’ve boasted about their power, and now their anger at the loss of freedom is being absorbed or something. I have nothing else to say about this…

At a dirt track of some kind. Nobu tests out the DeinoChaser – the team bikes of this season. Thinking about it, there haven’t been team bikes for YEARS now. I’m glad their back! The DeinoChaser consist of two ZyuDenRyuu combined by a single ZyuDenchi. Wow, so many terms to learn! When Nobu fails, the DeinoChaser splits into two and basically storms off! I found it hilarious for some reason. Torin confronts him, saying that he wasn’t being brave enough…and then he calls him Nossan. Torin, you win.

Souji returns home to find Amy and Daigo pestering Genryu. Daigo bluntly asks Genryu why Souji hates him. Those exact words! Genryu believes it’s because his strict teachings and because it was his fault that Souji’s mother left. Daigo finds a similarity between Genryu and Souji, and him and his father; but Souji steps out and dismissed the similarities.

Running into a convenient bamboo forest, Souji meets with Zakutor. He calls himself selfish since he only used Zakutor to surpass his father. Amy suddenly appears behind him and gives him the ZyuDenchi for the DeinoChaser – a present from Daigo. They hear some disturbance, and upon investigating, they find Daigo and Genryu attempting to fight Rouyarouya. Genryu and Daigo are soon captured. Rouyarouya runs away and leaves Amy and Souji with the Zorima. Basically, Amy and Souji are badass because it takes them no time to defeat the Zorima…and they looked ridiculously awesome doing it.

Souji rides off on the DeinoChaser and finds Rouyarouya. He wastes no time in savagely attacking Rouyarouya and even uses the secret technique to smash an incoming jailbox into pieces! He soon breaks Rouyarouya himself, and Daigo and Genryu are freed. The four Kyouryugers morph and badassary ensues. Rouyarouya is soon defeated and grown – yeah, you know the drill.

With the power of Zakutor, Kyoryujin becomes Kyoryujin Stegochi Zakutor…leaving Pink out. But Dricera doesn’t just sit there, it actually drills into the cave and rescues the remaining civilians! After Rouyarouya is defeated, Souji and Genryu spar at home and they make up and everything’s good again. Souji actually thanks the other Kyoryugers, and HE SMILES!

I really like the approach Kyoryuger is taking. We’re getting individual episodes (well, except for Amy and Nobu) to set up each character and it doesn’t feel like we know nothing about anyone going into this. It reminds me a lot of RPM’s tactic. This episode really sold me on Souji, since before this I was just ‘eh’ about him. I give this a 5/5.

So, um, there isn’t a Brave 4 review it seems… I’ve decided to take a step back from reviewing. It’s been 2 years now and since then life is just getting increasingly busier (with uni and work experience and everything…). I’ve had fun though! It’s been good times! I hope you’ve enjoyed my reviews in some form or another, and thanks for reading! 🙂