Brave 05


So this episode starts out with the Kyoryugers training to discover the various functions of the Beast Batteries.


Ian and Souji get into a fight resulting in Soujis sword becoming one big freudian slip. Oh, also Ian gives Souji  a new nickname (Boy).

Suddenly a ghost approaches a watching Torin. He is Ramirez, the former KyoryuCyan who shows his support for the current team of Kyoryugers. Back at the base, Souji is fed up with Ians teasing and storms off.


After the opening we’re introduced to our new DeboMonster… a patissier.


Yup. It’s one of THOSE episodes. The monsters open up a bakery to harvest happiness from humans. When the sweets give the patrons cavities, the Kyoryugers take action to defeat the cavity-giving monster… I just typed that with a straight face.


Also Nossan can’t comprehend the gravity of these cavities.


When the monster runs off, King, Ian, and Souji follow while Nossan and Amy help the cavity-striken patrons. Ian uses Souji as bait to figure out the monsters strategy, unfortunately Souji doesn’t understand and gets into an argument with Ian while the monster leaves.

Ramirez and Torin show up just as Ankydon (KyoryuCyans Voltasaur) shows up and he’s striken with Cavities too and is out of control (Do Ankylosaurus’s have teeth? Whatever.) Ankydon leaves and back at the base Torin says that besides the main five, there are Kyoryugers for Voltasaurs 6-10.


Souji and Ian get into it again and Ramirez attempts to break them up. Ian goes searching for the DeboMonster by himself as Souji comments on him and Ramirez’s inability to take anything seriously. King puts him in his place as we cut to commercial.



The DeboMonster is attacking again, and when Ian attempts to take care of it by himself, he is given cavities. Souji saves him and apologizes to Ian. Ian puts up his best fight but is clearly handicapped due to his cavities. Souji nearly defeats the monster, but allows Ian to finish it off.

Luckyuro shows up and enlarges the monster. The team forms KyoryuZin and right and defeats the monster. While heading back to the base, Ankydon shows up again and, despite the monster being defeated, still has cavities.


Will the team be able to win Ankydon over? Will Ramires keep speaking English? WILL NOSSAN GET TO MAKE MORE PUNS?! We’ll find out the answers to those questions and more in next weeks episode.

Review: Wow this episode has a lot going on. Ankydon and Ramirez felt REALLY tacked on and should have been saved for an episode all their own. I really liked Ian and Soujis interaction, they were easily the highlight of the episode (Everyone else kinda got the shaft.) Also apparently it takes all five of the Kyoryugers to be inside the cockpit of KyoryuZin to be able to use the sword… huh? Well, that’s my second review, thanks for reading. I am so sorry.

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