Brave 06


The episode opens up with Torin informing the Kyoryugers about Ramirez’s past in the Dark Ages, and why Ankydon is under control of a DeboMonster. Amy wonders to herself how Ramirez is able to stay so positive in such a dire situation.


After the opening we see Candelira and Luckyuro attacking a concert as the monster controlling Ankydon offers a truce between the two.


The Kyoryugers have split up around the city to find Ankydon, and Amy overhears a conversation between Torin and Ramirez who’re discussing Ramirez’s current status as a ghost. Ramirez says he has faith in the Kyoryugers and doesn’t want to make their burden any worse.


Amy, to get a closer shot at Ankydon, takes Ramirez for his first ride ever on a motorcycle as Candelira’s concert begins (Complete with Luckyuro playing violin) As Amy and Ramirez discuss his state as a ghost, the DeboMonster attacks and Amy takes it on by herself.


The others show up just as Aigaron decides to get in on the fight. Souji and Ian take on Aigaron, King and Nossan take on Dogold, and it’s up to Amy and Ramirez to take Candelira down.


Luckyuro gets in the way as Ramirez calls for Ankydon. Surprisingly it works and Ankydon surfaces. Using the Deinochaser bike; Amy manages to jump straight down Ankydons throat to defeat the DeboMonster causing Ankydon to rampage.vlcsnap-2013-04-14-17h52m56s55

Inside of Ankydon, Amy uses the Stymero battery to cause the DeboMonster to fall in love with Amy, who then baits him out of Ankydon.


Once the DeboMonster is out of Ankydon, Ramirez’s power returns to him. The Kyoryugers unite together and take on Candelira and Luckuro, but the lovestruck DeboMonster gets in the way. Amy lets him down in the most gentle way possible… with her DriceraLance.


The DeboMonster revives and Ramirez transforms into KyoryuCyan.

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Ankydon and Drivera combine with Gabutyra to form KyoryuJin Macho, which for some reason transports all five Kyoryugers into the cockpit… and not Ramirez.


KyoryuJin Macho makes light work of the Monster, and back at the villains base it’s shown that they’re in possession of the Pteragodon battery. Ramirez says goodbye to the others as the episode ends.


Review: Similar to last week, this episode felt kind of jam-packed. The stuff with Candelira felt tacked on in the end and served no real purpose. The episode was overall pretty entertaining. I wish we got to see KyoryuCyan in action more, as I really like the suits design (even the cat-ears on the helmet) So, that’s my review or something. Thank you for reading. I am so sorry.

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