Brave 07


Changing the spelling from ‘Jyuden’ to ‘Zyuden’ because I realized how stupid of a spelling that is if you know even basic Japanese.

Alllllllrighty then. Sorry the wait has been so long for this review, I’ve been busy with applying to colleges and stuff. Oh wait, you guys don’t care about that, you’re here to read about the next episode of Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger!

The episode begins with King summarizing their situation with a very Alata from Goseiger drawing.


Ian asks to borrow King’s pendant (his last keepsake from his father) for research.


It is then that King realizes he left his bag and all his belongings on the Island in episode one. How’s he been brushing his teeth. The Fanged Hero needs to keep those pearly white’s sparking fresh!

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Back at the villains base, the new DeboMonster is born, one who has the ability to create clones of people.


Ian is eating at a restaurant and has a clone of himself created. Once the others arrive at the battle, Ians clone has everyone split up, and the DeboMonster creates clones of the other Kyoryugers (save for King who’s with Torin retrieving his bag) which then begin insulting the real Kyoryugers, causing a rift between the four.


Dogold and the DeboMonster suddenly attack, but the team is too busy worrying about their various arguments and have their dino-butts promptly handed to them.


Back on the Island, King is confronted by the leader of the Deboss, Chaos.


Torin comes in and takes Chaos one-on-one and, for a giant birdman, actually puts up a good fight.


King teleports back to the others and is curious why they’re all fighting. Ians clone trys to piss off King, and even destroys his dad’s pendant.


Instead of being pissed, King is so naive that he’s disappointed in HIMSELF for not being able to figure out that something was up sooner. The real Ian escapes from the DeboMonster and tells the others what’s happening, and that the pendant that the clone destroyed was actually a fake.


The five transform and take on Dogold and the DeboMonster. The DeboMonster creates more clones for the Kyoryugers to battle but they’re made light work of, due to Ian placing a flower on their belts to differentiate the real Kyoryugers from the fakes.


The DeboMonster is disposed of with the Kentrospiker, and we cut back to Torin and Chaos’s fight. Chaos does an incantation, which worries Torin for some reason. More on that later.


The DeboMonster is brought back to life and creates a giant version of Dogold.


As it turns out, Chaos’s incantation was to awaken the strongest Voltasaur, Pteragodon.


Torin calls the Kyoryugers and tells them to use Beast Battery #17: Ovirappoo. His power is… breaking wind. It’s a surprisingly effective attack. He must have been eating a lot of protein.


The Kyoryugers defeat the DeboMonster and clone of Dogold, and we cut back to the Kyoryugers base, and everything is back to normal. Torin wonders to himself what Dogold plans on doing with Pteragodon.


The episode ends in the Villain base, as Chaos gives Dogold Best Battery #6: Pteragodon.


Review: I have mixed feelings about this episode. There were a lot of missed opportunities with the idea of clones of the Kyoryugers trying to piss of the real rangers. The things the clones said felt kind of random too. The only ones that really made sense were Nossans (insulting his jokes) and Amy’s (insulting her thighs). Everything else felt kind of out of place, for example Souji’s was insulting his cool attitude, which doesn’t really make any sense because Souji hasn’t gotten that much development so far. It would have made much more sense to insult him with something relating to his sword technique or his father. Whoa, as I’m typing this I realized that almost all of the Kyoryugers have something in their backstory involving their fathers (save for Ian.) Nossan is a surrogate father for his neice, Souji want’s to live up to his fathers expectations, Amy’s father (and mother) are absent and left her to live with her butler, and King’s father abandoned him immediately after telling him to ‘follow the path of the mighty lizards.’ If they’re going somewhere with this, who knows? Overall the episode was a little dissapointing, but I’ve certainly seen worse.

Well that’s all I have to say about this weeks episode. Next week however… oh boy. You can find me at: