Brave 09


 After the perfection that was last weeks episode, let’s see if Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger: Brave 9 is able to continue this trend.

The episode begins with Dogold wandering through the woods, and, guess what, he’s pissed off about something. This time it’s his constant failures against the Kyoryugers.


Lord Chaos appeaches him and has him summon Pteragodon, and we cut to the Spirit Base where Torin is explaining more about Pteragodon and KyoryuGold. Suddenly, Pteragodon attacks the city and the Kyoryugers rush out to the scene.


Dogold is attacking civilians to lure out the Kyoryugers, as he wants to end the battle between them once and for all. Torin, surprisingly, get’s in on the battle too and puts up a pretty good fight.


To fight off Pteragodon, Stegotchi and Parasagun go on the offensive while Souji and Amy help some civilians.


Just before Dogold gives his finishing blow to Torin, King steps in and lands a punch on Dogolds face, creating a large crack in his armor.


Dogold summons the Robo form of Pteragodon, known as PteraiDenOh, complete with cape and all.


To combat this, we get a new form of KyoryuJin, using Parasagun and Stegotchi as arms. This form doesn’t have a name, but it’s nice to see the mix-and-match gimmick in the toys used in the actual show. Very Go-Onger-esque.


PteraiDenOh, piloted by Dogold, wipes the floor with KyoryuJin, but at the last second King comes up with a plan to get some shots landed on PteraiDenOh, which enlarges the crack on Dogold’s armor to the point where a chunk falls off, revealing… a human underneath the armor.


Back at the Debo Base, Chaos creates a new form of monster, known as a Cambestian, which uses the powers of all the Debo Legion Generalls in one.


Cut to the Spirit Base, Torin reveals the past of KyoruGold. KyoryuGold was a powerful warrior in the Edo Era of fuedal Japan, who’s family and friends were all murdered by the Debo Legion once they found out his identity.


As it turns out, Dogold is actually a sentient suit if armor which accidentally merged with KyoryuGold, named Umetsimaru, when the two were fighting hundreds of years ago.


Some time later, Dogold is unable to comprehend the revelation that he’s a human, but Lord Chaos appears and repairs Dogolds mask.


Back at the base, the Kyoryugers are wondering how Dogold is able to utilize Beast Batteries, as the only way they would possibly be used is if Umetsimaru is still alive somewhere in Dogold.

While tracking Dogold, Amy and Souji get kidnapped by the DeboLegion, and during the ensuing confrontation, Dogold finds himself unable to attack King, Nossan, and Ian due to his spirit of justice being brought back to the surface.


King says he isn’t concerned about Amy and Souji being kidnapped, because he trusts his teammates to escape and has faith they’ll figure something out.


King, Nossan, and Ian transform and take on Dogold (who still can’t bring himself to attack) and the ParaMonsters.


Ian lends his ParasaShot to King who takes on Dogold 1-on-1 and forms an incomplete version of the Kentrospiker known as the FangShot.


The new weapon completely shatters Dogolds mask, revealing Umetsimaru, finally free of Dogolds influence.


Umetsimaru hasn’t been in control of his body for hundres of years and was helpless to watch as he was forced to attack innocent people. However, the mask repairs itself and attacks Umetsimaru as the episode ends.


Review: Well, I was right. Just like last week, this episode is awesome! While it isn’t explained for too long, Umetsimaru’s backstory is very original and I’m interested to see where it goes. PteraiDenOh is a neat looking robot mode… even if it looks like something out of Go-Busters. Torin also got a lot of development this episode, and there are still so many unanswered questioins about the things that happened before the series started that I have a feeling we’re in for a VERY active plot. As usual, thank you for reading, and I am so sorry.

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