Brave 11


To recap, last episode ended with Utsu- Utshi – Uttso- I have no idea how to spell his name; claiming that we wouldn’t join the Kyoryugers until King (who resembles an old Lord of his from 500 years ago) proved himself.

Back at the villians base, a new incarnation of Dogold is born by placing the mask onto a Cambeastian, as well as the new Debo Monster, who has the ability to remove a persons backbones… I dunno either.

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Meanwhile, Torin is wondering to himself why Gold is acting so aloof, something which is unusual for him. Suddenly Ramires appears and reassured Torin that everything will iron out, and leaves saying he is close to finding Voltasaur #8: Bunpachy.

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Suddenly, Candelira appears in Human form (Played by her Voice Actress) as an idol singer, preforming the same song she sang in Brave 6, complete with Luckyuro playing tambarine in the background.

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Her fans are like putty in her hands as the Debo Monster removes their backbones, turning them into her slaves.

The Kyoryugers appear and take on Candelira, Luckyuro, as well as her army of fanboys. It’s actually a pretty well done untransformed fight.


Since they obviously can’t attack normal humans, King, Nossan, and Amy make use of three Beast Batteries: Garumonite, Igernadon and Stymero.


Garumonite makes the victim dizzy, Igeranadon tickles the victim, which Nossan amplifies by telling one of his old man jokes to the already giggling victims, and Stymero makes the victim fall in love with the user. Something tells me this is Amy’s favorite Beast Battery.

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The five transform, and the fignt moves outside to the same dock the Go-Ongers fought at during their first episode. Pointless fact, I know, but I’ll take any chance I can to bring up Go-Onger.

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Just as they’re about to be defeated, Gold shows up and save’s them. Gold, still thinking King to be his lord, claims their skills still aren’t up to snuff as he leaves.


Amy chases after Gold on the Deinochaser bike so she can give Gold a piece of her mind.


When she catches up to him, she secretely see’s Gold being worried that the others must hate him for being so cold.


As it turns out, Gold is actually a really friendly and kind person, and even kind of a dork when it comes to being around women. Him and Amy discuss (while eating Ice Cream cones) why he’s been such a jerk.


Gold had assumed the others must hate him for being controlled by Dogold, and had already given up on making friends with them. He also tells Amy about Kings resimblance of his former Lord, and a bit of his backstory.

During a fight with Deboss 500 years ago, Gold’s lord was distracted watching Gold rescue a Paramonster in disguise as a child, causing him to be killed. His lords last words were a warning to Gold saying that his kindness will make him a target; another factor adding to Gold being so stoic.

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Amy is moved by Gold’s story so much that she offers to help him, as well as giving him a nickname: Utchy, which is a lot easier to type than his real name.

Meanwhile, Ian, Souji, and King are attacked by an already brainwashed Nossan to become Candeliras fanboy slaves.

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Amy, the last one left uneffected, contacts Utchy (who has been given a new outfit by Amy) to help her, and takes on the Debo Monster by herself in the meantime. Oh, and she does this in the most sensible way possible: By fighting on a Unicycle.

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Amy is cornered by Candelia and her cronies, and transforms, only to be attacked by her fellow teammates, who will do anything to protect their waifu.


Utchy shows up just in time, but the Debo Monster takes his backbone too. Thankfully, Utchy is too awkward and bashful around girls to let himself be so goofy.

Amy destroys the container of backbones and everyone is back to normal. Utchy begins to act relieved in front of the others, but is reminded by Amy to keep up his cold appearance.

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Utchy transforms and walks through the Debo Monster like it were nothing. Amy joins Utchy in the fight and they both finish the Debo Monster together.


The monster revives and Utchy summons Pteragordon to fight.


Apparently the four other Kyoryugers were too absorbed in the fight and have to be reminded by Amy that they need to form KyoryuZin.


Both Mechas defeat the Debo Monster once and for all, and we cut back to the Kyoryugers base.


The four guys are feeling sorry for themselves about Utchy besting them, and are curious about why Amy suddenly seems to confident in Gold.

Utchy text’s Amy on her GaburiBuckle (yeah they use their Belt Buckle as a phone) asking how he preformed, to which Amy replies that he did perfect… unfortunately Utchy doesn’t know what the word ‘perfect’ means as the episode ends.

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Review: Wow. This was the most adorable episode of Sentai I’ve ever seen. Utchy has more in common with a schoolgirl with a crush than a 500 year old Samurai. I’m really glad they subverted the tired ‘Sixth Ranger is an aloof badass who doesn’t want to join the team’ trope that has been overused in recent years. The fights in this episode were really brief (but well done) so the episode could focus more on the story and character development, something which hasn’t really been done in Sentai for a while. Overall, I really enjoyed this episode and hope we get more like it. That’s been my review, and, as usual, I am so sorry.

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