Brave 12


Alright, I don’t really have much to add for an introduction so… let’s just dive right into Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger: Brave 12

The episode starts out with the Kyoryugers (minus Utchy) at a childrens martial arts contest, rooting for a kid King had mentored.


Unfortunately the kid loses, but the others are quick to cheer him up. Utchy is watching from a distance and at first acts like his normal, cheery self but is quickly reminded by Amy that he has to be the stern, tough individual the others think he is.

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Meanwhile, the kid is still bummed about losing and is abducted by the new DeboMonster. Utchy immediately recognizes him as the one responsible for his previous leaders death.

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After the opening, the others are curious why Utchy was so furious. Oh, re-used location alert. This is where Kamen Rider OOO fought the Cat Yummy in episode 3. The DeboMonster teleports to his own dimension, taking King, Utchy, and the kid with him.


King is confronted by some child Samurais and, as he learns the hard way, they’re fighting with REAL swords. King tries to transform, but the dimension blocks the use of Beast Batteries. King is attacked by a revived Dogold, but is saved by Utchy at the last second.

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Meanwhile at the Spirit Base, Torin is explaining Utchy’s backstory to the others, and has Amy reveal to the others about how Utchy really is.


Back in the other dimension, King and Utchy are trying to figure out a way to save the kids. King wants to rush back in but Utchy drugs him and has him fall asleep, saying he won’t be responsible for the death of another lord.


Utchy rushes into their hideout and takes on the DeboMonster, but finds himself quickly outmatched. Luckily King was able to keep himself awake and frees the kids.


Utchy is furious and begins to go on a rant, but King cuts him off and flat-out tells him that he is NOT his lord, his teammates are NOT his servants, and Utchy IS welcome on the team. Utchy is very revealed and finally opens up to King, and accepts his friendship.

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The two team up against the DeboMonster and the footsoldiers just as the others are able to break into the dimension. GabuTyra makes light work of the footsoldiers and King and Utchy are brought back to the real world.


Now that everyone is on the same page… it’s time. For the first time, all six Kyoryugers transform together as a team… and it is AWESOME!


All six rush into battle and summon their individual weapons. After a completely awesome fight, Utchy and King finish the DeboMonster off with the KentroSpiker and Zandar Thunder.


The DeboMonster revives and KyoryuZin is summoned. The DeboMonster is stronger than ever though, and Utchy summons PteraGordon.

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To take on this enemy, PteraGordon combines with KyoryuZin and we get the debut fight of Raiden KyoryuZin. The DeboMonster is no match for the new Mecha.


After the battle, Utchy sneaks into the Spirit Base and leaves little gifts for all the Kyoryugers as his way of thanking them for letting him join the team.


Review: Oh my god. Just when I thought Kyoryuger couldn’t get any better, this episode happens. Ignoring the obvious ‘good fight scenes’ note I make every week, I just want to say how awesome it was to see the tired ‘aloof sixth ranger’ plotline be completely subverted for once. I was dreading another months worth of episodes where the sixth ranger doesn’t get along with the team like we get every year, but surprisingly it was wrapped up in only one episode. Overall, I couldn’t be happier with Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger: Brave 12.

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