Brave 13


Yadda yadda yadda sorry for the wait let’s jump right into Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger: Brave 13

The episode starts with Utchy doing some swordsmanship training with Souji. Both are doing quite impressive, but Utchy manages to outmatch Souji.


The leader of Souji’s schools Kendo Club, Rin, (think Fencing Club in America) shows up to take Souji to school, but not before offering him a boxed lunch she made for him (complete with a love-letter which she accidentally drops.)


Utchy fins the letter and immediately akes it to the romance expert of the team: Ian. The two decide to do their best to help Rin confess her love to Ian. This should go well.


Rin gossips with her friend about Souji, and decides to confess to him at lunch.


Meanwhile, a DeboMonter is creeping around the local park. He has the ability to cut the invisible bonds formed between people, causing misery and unrequited love and all that stuff.


King and Nossan show up and take on the DeboMonster, who cuts their bond of friendship. I was expecting a hokey ‘Kinds friendship is too strong to be cut.’ but nope, it acually works, and King starts acting like an overemotional drama queen.


Meanwhile, Souji and Ian (in disguise as thugs) show up to try and force Souji to defend her… unfortunately Amy happened to be in the area and does his job instead. Rin takes this the wrong way and thinks Souji and Amy are going on a date.


Back at the park, Nossan is able to break the monsters relationship snipping scissors, and sends them on the run. Back at the Spirit Base, Nossan and King come up with a way to stop the monster once-and-for-all.

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The DeboMonster has recovered and is following Rin, who runs into Ian and Utchy who come up with a new plan to win Souji’s heart. This episode is just one big knot of romance and dinosaurs.


Rin sees Souji and Amy shopping together and assumes that they ARE on a date. Rin runs off and get’s into an argument with Rin, who’s claiming Ian did it on purpose.

The two work it out and just before Rin confesses to Souji… the DeboMonster bears its ugly head and snips the bond between the two.


The DeboMonster oversees another stranger crying over some unrequited love… who turns out to be Nossan, and the woman he’s crying over being King in some actually convincing Drag. God help us if we get this episode adapted into Power Rangers.

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Their trick works and the DeboMonsters scissors are destroyed. The six transform and take on the DeboMonster… complete with Souji in the middle of the rolecall.


Utchy lends Souji a PteraGordon battery, and the two finish the monster off… until it immediately re-grows at massive size along with some giant ParaMonsters.


Souji gets the idea to combine PteraiDenOh with Zakutor and Parasagun, resulting in PteraiDenOh Western and wow it’s arms are comically big.


The new robo takes care of the DeboMonster, and this romantic rollercoaster can finally come to an end.

Back at the school, Souji gives Rin a present that Amy helped pick out… unfortunately Souji also bought one for Rin’s friend, something which Rin doesn’t take too well.

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Review: I have no idea how I feel about this episode. The mecha battle is really rushed, but it was nice to see Ian and Souji get some more character development together, I really like how their friendship is handled in the show. I really liked Rin as a character and hope she shows up again. Overall, a decent episode. I give it 3.65/5.0

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