Brave 14


This is my first review ever, so I hope I don’t disappoint! Let’s breakdown Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger: Brave 14 – “Watch Out! Spirit Base!”

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Miss Amy’s butler, Mr. Gentle, is done with her shit and is not happy with her decline in schoolwork & unlady like ways. He informs us that Amy’s parents are in America and it is his responsibility to raise her properly or he’ll tell them about her hero saving ways! Oh my!

On the other hand, Luckiero is upset that the manga “Shoujo Cosmic” ended abruptly after a love scene. This DeboMonster is just too cute for me. Like really.

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So Luckiero creates the scariest monster it can think of: your 5th grade teacher in DeboMonster form. DeboStricteach is a strict chalkboard with a badass pointer. Don’t pass a note in class, girl. DeboStricteach wants to break into the Dinosaur Sprits gathering place and destroy it hence destroying the Voltasuar Team! I BET THIS PLAN WILL WORK.

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Luckiero recites Kyoryuger history and as you can see, it’s going well.

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Amy is busy at the café and her butler is carefully watching her every move during the Yuzuki family’s famed, “Gentle Days,” to essentially see if Amy is being a graceful lady. Mr. Gentle brings Utchy to help back at the house and Stricteach watches angrily from afar as well.

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Stricteach attacks Miss Amy because of her poor manners, but cannot morph because of the butler’s manner power and she drops her gun! Who else picks it up other than Luckiero!

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The Kyoryuger guys’ mechas take on some large DeboParaMonsters quickly, but Utchy informs them that Amy has been taken!

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A DeboParaMonster watches the Kyoryuger guys shoot into the Spirit Base, so with Amy’s Gaburevolver for entrance, Luckiero places Stricteach’s hyper space-time bomb in the layer to blow it to pieces.

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Then Luckiero finds Amy’s new “Shoujo Cosmic” manga and sits down for a read, but takes too long so. the Kyoryugers fight Luckiero!

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Then we had the cutest little pyro. And King’s baby rex hands.

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Back to Amy, Stricteach is not impressed with her lackluster test grade on his passionate German test.

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Utchy and Gentle save Miss Amy followed by Gold zandaring and thundering Strickteach away.

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The Kyoryugers retrieve Amy’s revolver and form Raiden Kyoryuzin to send the space time bomb into space to blow up!

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We leave our brave warriors with Amy reading some manga and Gentle still being unimpressed.

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I love Luckiero and the cute battle scene in the spirit base. This episode had humor, crossing stories, and a wonderful new mecha combo. And as you can tell, I loved Stricteach. I mean, he’s just an angry teacher with a stick. Come on. Overall, I really enjoyed this episode and it’s very kid friendly story line while still keeping adult humor. 8/10.

Until next time, this has been SimplyScott1. Stay Brave!