Brave 16


Let’s breakdown Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger: Brave 16 – “Dig-a-dug! My treasure!

Any episode that begins with Candelira’s theme makes me extremely happy. I mean, the US version will have to come up with a song for her because she has a mic in almost every battle. Sorry bout it.

Anyways, Candelira uses her song to lure nice men to steal the city’s wealth and gather their love.

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The Kyoryugers free the hypnotized men, but DeboLegion Aigaron notices King’s amulet.

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Then this happened. Doesn’t this happen to us all now and then?

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Anywho, the Kyoryugers, minus King, fight the DeboMonster while being attacked with flying jewels.

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King fights Aigaron, but Aigaron brings out his matching jewel to compare with King’s necklace. Then King tells us that it was his father’s pendant.

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Ian runs out of the forest to notice that Aigaron has the stone Shiro (his BFF) had when he was killed.  Aigaron tells us that DeboDoronbus’s invincibility cape was originally his and was given to Doronbus as a reward.

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Ian becomes enraged and starts attacking furiously while the DeboMonster throws stone tablets on Amy, Utchy, and King. Right before a tablet falls on Nossan, Ian, and Souji, Ian uses Beast Battery #22, Pukuptor, on Nossan as a floating device.

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Torin informs Ian, Nossan, and Souji at the spirit base that they must rescue the others because they are in danger. But Ian is upset. I mean, friends under stone or sulking. Okay.

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Back to the action, Utchy and Amy hold the tablet up off of unmorphed King.

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Candelira is my spirit animal.

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Torin, Souji, and Nossan intercept the DeboMonster while Ian faces off with Aigaron. Against better judgment, Ian uses Beast Battery #12, Deinosgrander, to destroy Aigaron. The Beast Battery is too strong and throws Ian back.

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Ian and Aigaron continue to fight, but Aigaron’s axe bounces off Ian’s armor. That gives him the idea that his armor can be used as a medium to harness Deniosgrander’s power.

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Ian uses Deniosgrander to drill through the tablet and save his friends!

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Souji steals Aigaron’s amulet and the Kyoryugers continue to fight the DeboLegion. Ian uses the new Beast Battery in combination with the  Kentrospiker to destroy the DeboMonster!

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The monster grows and the Kyoryugers use Kyoryuzin and Pteragordon and then Raiden Kyoryuzin to destroy the tablet slinging menace.

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The episode ends at the spirit base with a cordial friend fight while Torin lays down some spoilers.

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I really enjoyed the writing in this episode and how they tied Ian’s story with Aigaron. The flashbacks are really good and remind me of Lost story telling, how they complexly weave everything together. The new Beast Battery combo was pretty badass as well. No complaints from this episode. 9/10.

Until next time, this has been SimplyScott1. Stay Brave!

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