Brave 17


Let’s breakdown Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger: Brave 17 – “Rock solid! Kyoryu Grey”

We meet our brave Kyoryugers fighting a large amount of raging Paramonsters!

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Torin is worried that this means DeboMeetior, who killed the dinosaurs long ago, is back (meteor impact; I really enjoy this crossing of history and story plot).

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This wakes KyoryuGrey’s hard-headed soul into battle against the DeboLegion.

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In the opening credits this week, we get glimpses of the upcoming Kyoryuger Musical movie set to come out in August and evil Deathryuger looks like a badass.

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The Kyoryuger team barely beats the impressive Paramonsters, only to be welcomed by DeboMeetior and his balls of fire. Utchy scratches DeboMeetior and sends him running. But, he tells them that if the Paramonsters are getting stronger, then Deboss’s resurrection is near.

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Torin introduces KyoryuGrey as Tessai, a 1500 year old Chinese warrior. And Tessai is not pleased with our current Kyoryuger team.

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Bunpachy is slumbering in a waterfall…. How tranquil….

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Tessai then tells the team that everyone will have to pass a test to stay on the team, except Utchy since he impressed Tessai earlier.

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Each Kyoryuger must face a trial in individual arenas to test their bravery. The arenas are in a miniature garden that Tessai warps their minds into while their bodies stay in the base.

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Tessai uses certain special Beast Batteries for each Kyoryuger to overcome like Archenolon’s heavy gravity and Gurumonite’s dizziness. Also, Nossan would get the tickling one WHILE STILE MAKING A PUN.

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Ian, Nossan, Amy, and Souji overcome these obstacles by using their special abilities of speed, strength, connectivity, and aim. King overcomes all the obstacles quickly.

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Meetior begins attacking the city again, only to be met by the Kyoryugers, minus Utchy, so Tessai can make sure that the group passes their test’s.

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Ian, Nossan, Souji, and Amy believe in themselves (Super Saiyan mode, hahaha) to recharge and fight off the Debos.

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King, on the other hand, does not put enough bravery into his attack and therefore does not hurt the monster.

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Bunpachy emerges and beats the large ParaMonsters to a pulp by way of his mace tail/head cap.

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Because of King’s lack of weaknesses, Tessai kicks King off the Kyoryugers and appoints Utchy as leader! OH MY!

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I actually think this would be a good episode to be used for an American adaptation – a clear cut monster that ties to the dinosaurs original death. The fighting sequences and everything could make this a strong adaptation episode and gets me all excited thinking about how amazing this season will be in the US. Tessai’s plot was interesting and the introduction of a new battery beast gives it a higher ranking in my book so 8.5/10!

Until next time, this has been SimplyScott1. Stay Brave!

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