Brave 24


Let’s breakdown Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger: Brave 24 – “Burn Up! The Seven Kyoryugers”

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We start off today’s episode with Aigaron, Candelira, and Luckyuuro sulking by a stream, reminiscing about Deboss’ demise. Debo Iceage shows up and speaks of revenge against the Kyoryugers…(Just take in Candelira laying on the beach, Luckyuuro playing with a stick, and Aigaron skipping stones. I love these monster commanders soooo much.)

The team celebrates Deboss’ destruction, but Torin is still worried about them. Then Nossan….yep.

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We find Dr. Ulshade laying in his hospital bed with his gaburevolver, lamenting about not being able to leave…. (This will be me when I’m old.)

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Then we find Yayoi wandering outside, talking to her self about her lack of Braving In.

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Yayoi reenacts the henshin dance, but the team sees her, so she tries to run off in humiliation. At that moment I realized how much I LOVE THIS SHOW. OH MY GOD. MY FEELS.

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Yayoi explains that her glasses are just to match her costume. haha

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Ian hits on Yayoi. WHAT A SUPRISE.

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Ms. Amy ain’t having that shit.

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Iceage explains that he will freeze earth into a Second Ice Age from people’s tears freezing around them.  Then they showed this guy in his toku room crying at anime. I MEAN, COME ON. THANK YOU.

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The Kyoryugers take on Iceage and an angry Aigaron (because he can’t cry out his anger), while Candelira sings her new hit single with Luckyuuro on the keyboard. Yep. It keeps coming.

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Iceage takes Yayoi and Aigaron explodes, literally, on Ian, Nossan, Amy, and Souji. Luckily, Ian used Tuperanda in the nick of time to flatten them before they got blown up. King and Amy go after Yayoi and her kidnapper while Torin looks for Nossan, Ian, and Souji.

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Amy reminds Yayoi of why she always wanted to be a Kyoryuger; to help others. The team gathers and then the best ever KyoryuChange happens.

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KyoryuViolet then lays the law down and kicks everyone’s ass. Iceage grows and Rocket Kyoryuzin comes out to play to destroy him along with this amazing cockpit.

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The team celebrates while Dr. Ulshade and Yayoi head back to the lab. Then we find Canderlia and Luckyuuro wandering in the woods. LUCKYUURO IS GIVING CANDELIRA A PIGGYBACK RIDE. CAN I SHIP MONSTERS?? The two get abducted and they find themselves in the old Frozen Palace….

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This was by far the greatest episode of the season so far. Humor. Monster shipping. New female kyoryuger. Hurricangers doing the Kyoryuger dance. The storyline. This season is the gold standard to me of what an amazing Sentai can be. I hope the other half of the season keeps it up! You can guess, this is my first 10/10.

Until next time, this has been SimplyScott1. Stay Brave!