Brave 04

Alright, let’s get started. For those who don’t know, I am going to be replacing Kadam1991 as Morphin’ Legacy’s resident Super Sentai reviewer. Let’s wish him luck on any of his projects in the future! My name is Cody Briscoe, and I can be heard every week on ‘The GRID.’ Don’t recognize me? ”I am so sorry.” There, hows that? Stalling aside, let’s take a shot at Jyuden Sentai Kyoryuger Episode 4!


The episode opens up with the Kyorugers doing… something in a restaurant (It’s not really explained well.) King gets a little too friendly with Ian who just so happened to be there by coincidence, resulting in Ian rudely leaving (along with what is probably his fourth date of the day). Ian runs into a caped Debo Monster that he seems to recognize and, when it grabs ahold of King, finds himself unable to take a shot out of fear of hitting King.


Ian freezes up, leaving the others to finish the Debo Monster off as Ian storms away. Cut to the villains lair as it’s decided Aigaron will get another chance to create a monster. Cut back to the Kyoryugers base as Torin notes that one of the Beast Batteries is missing right before the same Debo Monster from before attacks again. We get a pretty cool sequence with the Kyoryugers on the DinoChaser bikes before Black shows up, revealing himself to have the missing Beast Battery. Ian is unable to use the batteries power, getting himself and King hurt. Back at the base, King confronts Black who un-transformed, revealing himself as Ian to the others before (yet again) storming off.


Cut to Ian sitting on a bench somewhere as King approaches him, and gets him to open up about his past. Ian was an archeologist in Europe who’s best friend was a treasure hunter named Mifune Shiro (Played by Kenji Ebisawa a.k.a. Go-On Black!). One day the two were attacked by the caped Debo Monster. Shiro is captured by the monster exactly like King was earlier, and Ian is unable to take the shot, resulting in his friend dying. King thinks Ian is just closing himself out because he doesn’t want to risk losing another friend.


The Debo Monster attacks yet again and the Kyoryugers (minus Ian) are forced to fight untransformed while their batteries charge. This fight scene is REALLY well done and highlights the characters different fighting styles. Ian shows up, having seen the error of his ways, just as King is captured yet again by the Debo Monster. Ian is able to take the shot and successfully hits the monster in its weak point. Now that the team is finally all together; the batteries are fully charged and it’s time for our awesome five-part-samba-dance.


The team is in perfect harmony while they fight and they then combine their individual weapons into some weird sword/rocket thing which they use to finish off the monster… until Luckyuro comes and revives it. Ian stops Nossan from summoning Stegotchi and summons his Voltasaur (Parasagun) in his place (Parasagun seems to reside at Hogwarts.) We finally get to see the combination of GabuTyra/Parasagun/Zakutor which forms KyoryuJin Western. KyoryuJin Western seems to be controlled by wildly flailing their arms and making gun motions with their hands.


They make light work of the monster and Ian is finally able to acknowledge the others as his friends. Oh, and there’s a quick shot at the end showing Aigaron holding some amber back at their base right before the ending starts.


My Thoughts: WOW! Kyoryuger continues to impress me with four solid episodes in a row. This episode not only developed King and Ian, but Nossan, Amy, and Souji all got some great moments too. I really enjoyed the untransformed fight, and it was really cool to see everyone using the DinoChaser bikes. I have mixed feelings about KyoryuJin Western. I just don’t think it works as good as KyoryuJin by itself. The mix of Red/Black/Green doesn’t work as well as Red/Blue/Pink somehow. Ian’s backstory was handled very well and it was great to see Go-On black onscreen again. Overall, I would easily give this episode 4/5. There were no major flaws with it, and the only thing keeping it from being a 5/5 was the lack of attention given to the other Kyoryugers… oh, and the lack of puns from Nossan (poor guy only got a couple in this week).

Well, that’s about it for my first review. Thank you for reading and I can be found at

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