Brave 27


Let’s breakdown Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger: Brave 27 – “Oh, Party Time! Red’s Super Evolution!

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Kyoryuger is back and this episode delivers SO MUCH.
We find Ian, Souji, Nossan, and Utchy trying to lure King out from the woods, but Amy’s bodily sacrifice just ain’t doing it this week.

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We find that Endorf has gone rogue from the DeboLegion and using his own monsters (Debo Shinobinba on the right and Debo Saurhunter on the left) to take our team down! OH MY!

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Same beloved intro song, but a newly reedited intro with everyone in it plus the new mecha combos.

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Endorf and his two Debos surprise attack Souji, Nossan, Utchy, and Amy in the forest while searching for King. Ian heads back to the base to figure things out with Yayoi.

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I really enjoyed these silk screen backgrounds with the Debo surprise attacks.

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Debo Saurhunter uses his shadow seal attack so the Kyoryugers can’t transform!

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Now that their Gaburevolvers have been tapped with duck tape, they can’t transform. WHAT.

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Before Endorf destroys them and King, Utchy tries to spare time by doing his most fly moves so King can ran away. And Amy’s background butt shakes were also spectacular.

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Torin finds dinosaur King in the forest and breaks him of the spell by ripping the battery out. The stress on Torin causes his wings to fossilize, but now King is back to normal!

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King rejoins our beaten up Kyoryuger team and rips his shirt off. WHY? IDK NOR DO I CARE. Here is some close-ups for reasons…

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Upon Yayoi’s new instructions, King throws the power up batter to Gabutyra and transfroms into Minityra who makes it’s cute debut! (and more of King’s pecks)

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King transforms into KyoryuRed and attaches Minityra to his revolvers to become KyoryuRed Carnival!! But not before King remembers that one time he went clubbing in Rio during Carnival. I. Don’t. Know.

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Possibly a gay club since his shirt is off. We’ll never know.

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Nonetheless KyoryuRed Carnival is beautiful and sends the debo monsters a packing along with the help of his team and Rocket Kyoryuzin.

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So pretty.

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The team heads back to the base and King acts like a dinosaur with his shirt off. I’m okay with this. Amy and Yayoi are pretty much the fandom.

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This is my second favorite episode of the season thus far, right behind KyoryuViolet morphing and joining the team. I love the KyoryuRed Carnival suit and the random shirt ripping. WHO DOESN’T. I don’t really get why the new power up reminds King of dancing at a gay club in Rio during Carnival, but no big deal. I also really appreciate the new commercial bumpers, new intro, Endorf and his debo monsters, plus Minityra is too precious. Loved this episode, 9/10 without a doubt.

Next Week:

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The DeboLegion wants Troin dead or alive! Ahhhh

Until next time, this has been SimplyScott1. Stay Brave!