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TOOT-TOOT RESSHA SENTAI TOQGER. Let’s go! Today’s episode is entitled: “A New Power”

We start off today’s episode with Wagon noticing Right being strange…. He wasn’t hungry?!

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As the team ventures into another all Shadow Line town found by Akira, Mr. Conductor and Ticket give Right the Hyper Ressha!

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The team takes the Drill Ressha into the Shadow town.

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At the Shadow Line headquarters, we meet Marquise Mork for the first time. She is the eldest and oversees all Shadow Towns.

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She fights Zed (“puts him to the test”). She might have raised Zed!?

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The team finds everyone frozen like usual and the overseer this time, Bishop, has two creepy voices it switches between plus it wields a saw staff.

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Right is stupid and tries to take Bishop on by himself (mind you they can only be transformed for 30 seconds per Ressha). He tries to use the Hyper Ressha, but nothing happens; must not have enough imagination!

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Right gets knocked out, while Hikari takes Bishop on. Right is hungry and angry? Right’s character really made no sense this episode.

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Akira saves the team from Bishop, but as they run away from him, the team gets separated into pairs. What made this town “dark” was everyone getting lost. lol

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While Right tries to figure out the Hyper Ressha, Akira plays his harmonica so the team can find him, rather than trusting their eyes. Bishop spots him playing it and is attacked, so Akira goes into Shadow form to protect himself.

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Suddenly, Mork and Zed arrive.

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Right finds his inner strength and deep imagination through wall chalk art….

Tokatti and Akira try to take on Bishop, but aren’t successful. Right finally shows up to the battle and is able to unlock the Hyper Ressha now! He imagines being a train so the hyper train rams him into to make the armor. lol

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Hyper ToQ1 makes easy work of Bishop, but then Zed uses a dark energy attack. Dark versus shining light!

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The two take each other on, but then Right brings out the Grand Turntable Cannon to destroy Zed.

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He loads the Hyper Ressha and is about to destroy him when Bishop steps in to take the blast. Zed was enamored by the shinning I bet (what Mork thinks is his weakness)….

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Bishop grows and the team calls upon ChoCho ToQ Dai-Oh. Apparently Right will wear the Hyper armor in the cockpit? Imagination Express sends Bishop to his final stop. ToQgers, that was a super duper win.

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Sick Ticket is cute.

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I love the Hyper armor, turntable cannon, Marquise Mork, and fight scenes from this epsiode, but Right’s plot about being angry from a cold was fucking stupid. He was seriously being a dick because he was sick. I literally can’t. Right’s character gets worse and worse each week I swear. The tone of the whole episode seemed like semi-filler from a new writer or something. For a battlizer episode, it lost it’s grandeur. Sadly, I give this episode a 5.5 out of 10. Hell, the baththouse episode was better (more skin).

Next Time:

The ToQgers turn on each other?! And the use of Hyper 5-Connection Crash!

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Until next time, this has been SimplyScott1/PowerSentai. Stay imaginative!