Station 08


TOOT-TOOT RESSHA SENTAI TOQGER. Let’s go! Today’s episode is entitled: “Explosion On the Rainbow Line”

We start off today’s episode with the team setting off to find the Diesel Ressha! Such power, very wow.

Screen Shot 2014-04-18 at 9.52.18 AM

After the intro, we head to the Shadow Line base where a storm is brewing in preparation of the Emperor’s arrival.

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If there was only more dark energy then he would come back, according to Baron Nero. Madame Noire starts to prep Grita’s wedding dress and Grita is not happy. She wants General Schwarz’s sexy body!

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The team splits up to talk to children to find the Diesel Ressha (since they’re the only group who can see it). We also meet today’s monster of the week and his name is Bomb Shadow. He’s a bomb. WOW.

Screen Shot 2014-04-18 at 9.58.07 AM

The ToQgers (minus Right) do not find any leads, but start fighting Bomb Shadow instead. Right plays soccer with children who then tell him that they saw Diesel Ressha at the Children’s Museum!

Screen Shot 2014-04-18 at 9.59.03 AM

After learning the information from the kids, Right morphs and comes to the team’s aide. He kicks the bomb and it explodes in the air. Bomb Shadow doesn’t grow, but instead remains a dark cloud. The team calls upon their trains just in case and drive through the smoke, which then seeps into the train.

Screen Shot 2014-04-18 at 9.59.53 AM

Mr. Conductor starts to ventilate the trains to get the smoke out. The team then starts to check the train to see if the smoke left anything that could harm them. They find nothing. RED FLAG.

Screen Shot 2014-04-18 at 10.00.50 AM

The smoke appears and disconnects the trains breaks, attaches a bomb to Tokatti’s shoulder that can blow on impact, and a small moving version of Bomb Shadow that the team has to try to turnoff if they don’t want to explode!

Screen Shot 2014-04-18 at 10.03.13 AM

Screen Shot 2014-04-18 at 10.04.55 AM

While Tokatti tries not to die, Mio, Hikari, and Kagura try to catch the moving bomb.

Right finds the Diesel Ressha at the museum. Right then finds the train’s small morpher ressha and puts it in his morpher to try to wake the train up. Nothing happens. He don’t want to play with you.

Screen Shot 2014-04-18 at 10.07.05 AM

Back on the out of control ToQger trains, Mr. Conductor tries to slow the trains by first using Ticket’s mouth (kinky) and then TAKES HIM OFF HIS HAND. I LITERALLY SCREAMED.

Screen Shot 2014-04-18 at 10.07.22 AM


Screen Shot 2014-04-18 at 10.07.40 AM

Wagon ties Tokatti up with ribbon so he doesn’t fall and set the bomb off. This is some S&M shit.

Screen Shot 2014-04-18 at 10.08.32 AM

The trains barely make the curve with the speed they’re going. Hikari, Kagura, and Mio form a plan to capture Bomb Shadow. They tell Bomb Shadow that they took off Tokatti’s bomb, which causes Bomb Shadow to drop his defenses, allowing Mio to capture him and press his off button. They throw both bombs out of the train. They go BOOM.

At the Diesel Ressha, Right gives it a pep talk and believes it can overcome old age. It does. Surprise.

Screen Shot 2014-04-18 at 10.11.47 AM

Right connects the Diesel Ressha to the main ToQger trains and slows it down right before it hits a building. Because whoever designed those train tracks are stupid. (DID ANYBODY ELSE CATCH WAGON STRADDLING THE POLE LIKE A STRIPPER. OMG.)

Screen Shot 2014-04-18 at 10.15.03 AM

The ToQgers use their trains to blast Bomb Shadow to smithereens. No ToQ-Oh formation; quite surprising.

Screen Shot 2014-04-18 at 10.16.17 AM

At the end of the episode, we head back to the Shadow Line base and Baron Nero shares that Bomb Shadow was a diversion to capture another train station for dark energy….

Screen Shot 2014-04-18 at 10.17.42 AM

Next week Mio goes on a date and Diesel-Oh makes his debut!!


The episode was a change of pace from the station battles (Stop at place, fight, small back-story, funny final attack, ToQ-Oh, etc) and I appreciated that. And this episode was another extra train episode (TOY PLACEMENT), so the fact that the plot was good was greatly appreciated. Also, Mr. Conductor taking Ticket off was amazing. I love the subtlety of it and the things it opens up. Finally, I JUST WANT THE EMPEROR TO COME SO GRITA CAN KILL SOMEBODY OR SOMETHING. Please. 6.9 out of 10! Not too bad, but nothing mind blowing.

Until next time, this has been SimplyScott1/PowerSentai. Stay imaginative!