Station 15


TOOT-TOOT RESSHA SENTAI TOQGER. Let’s go! Today’s episode is entitled: “Something Inside Your Heart.”

We start today’s episode at the Shadow Line base with Grita sulking over her love for General Schwarz. Hammer Shadow appears and can tap into people’s hearts, see what they desire, then smash it. As he makes Grita’s desire appear, Schwarz, he almost destroys it but instead Grita eats him right before Zed walks onto the balcony. HOME GIRL ATE A MAN.

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Zed wants Grita’s body….

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On the Rainbow Line, the team tests out a new imagination testing device – a mini put-put. The test says that Mio has the weakest imagination on the team.

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During this, the team rolls into the next station taken over by the Shadow Line. We find Grita worrying if her desire crushing monster is too sadistic…

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As the ToQgers transform and begin to fight Hammer Shadow, he taps Mio to see her heart’s desire.

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It summons a cute, little, shumai (dumpling) character named Maiki that Shadow Hammer wants to kill. Maiki is Mio’s doll from her childhood and does the opposite of what is asked of him. Mio runs after Maiki on the loose.

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Back the Shadow Line base, Madame Noire puts Baron Nero in his place that Grita’s monster is doing great things. General Schwarz has an aside that having Hammer Shadow’s power might be useful. *cough*DestroyTheMarriageBetweenZed&Grita*cough*

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Mio finds Maiki and has a heart to heart with him. WE OLD NOW, BITCH.

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Maiki represents Mio’s pent-up imagination.

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Suddenly, Hammer Shadow attacks the two and the rest of the ToQgers show up to help. They transform and Maiki joins along. TOO CUTE.

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In battle, Hammer Shadow destroys Maiki. Mio goes ape shit, but does not give off dark energy because her heart still shines even in loss. That’s kind of sad.

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Right before the team uses the Coupling Bazooka, General Schwarz attacks the ToQgers to save Shadow Hammer for a special plan….

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General Schwarz takes Shadow Hammer back to their base and sends two Darkliner Robos. The team calls upon ToQ-Oh Police and Diesel-Oh Fire to put the two evil trains to rest (first time both megazords have used special mecha formations together).

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After the mecha fight, Mio explains that she is not hopeless to see Maiki again because one day they’ll all return back to their home and he’ll be there.


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I enjoyed this episode because Mio got more character development and Maiki was too precious. But also because General Schwarz is scheming for Grita and it’s getting good.  I can’t wait to see what fuckery he’s going to unleash and I’m hoping Grita evolves into a bad ass form sometime soon… Anyways, 7.5 for a pretty good episode! KEEP SMILING.


In the preview for next week’s episode, we get a quick glance of Ticket holding ToQ Rokugo’s (6) ressha in his mouth and Mr. Conductor holding Rokugo’s AppliChanger as well. MY BODY IS READY. I bet he’ll premiere after next week’s episode (So episode 17).

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Also, in the preview for the ToQger’s summer movie (Ressha Sentai ToQger the Movie: Galaxy Line SOS), we get a glimpse of the ToQger’s Safari power-ups. KAGURA IS IN A PANDA SUIT. OMG. Obsessed.

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Until next time, this has been SimplyScott1/PowerSentai. Stay imaginative!