(GBC) Time Force


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Title screen. Not as exciting as the title screen for the Lightspeed Rescue CBC.

First released in 2001, Power Rangers Time Force was released on multiple video game platforms, such as the Playstation, the Game Boy Color, and even the Game Boy Advance. Both Game Boy versions served as side-scrollers, while the Playstation version featured a 3-D format.

Official product description:

Power Rangers, Time for Time Force! Are you ready to travel through time with the Power Rangers? Help the Time Force Rangers capture criminals with cool Power Ranger devices, awesome power-ups, and the Time Force Megazord!


Instead of being formatted like the Lightspeed Rescue GBC game, the Time Force GBC game doesn’t let you choose your stages; it’s formatted for you to follow a story. Of course, all of the different levels (“episodes,” as they’re referred to in the game) are set in different time periods and feature different villains/monsters. You have to be quick but precise, since as the namesake of the season would suggest, you get a certain amount of time to complete each level.

The levels themselves are a breeze: choose your Ranger, fight your way through Cyclobots and the other obstacles in your way, and then face the monster at the end of the level. Megazord stages are introduced after the first few levels, when you come to a stand-off vs. Nadira and Gluto. You can only fight one of them, and whichever one you don’t defeat will be waiting for you at the end of the next level. Personally, I choose to defeat Nadira first and then Gluto, because I find Nadira extremely difficult when she’s by herself. Then again, she does hold power. Rock on, Nadira!

The controls are generic: A for “jump” and B for “attack,” with the control pad for maneuvering around. You use start to pause, and that’s how you switch between weapons, where you can use either your Chrono Saber, Chrono Blaster, or your fists. If you only use your fists, it doesn’t use any of your energy bar. I always use the Chrono Blaster, but that sucks-up your energy FAST.

If you have trouble defeating a monster using the Time Force Megazord (you can choose either Red or Blue Mode), then you unlock the Time Shadow. Ransik is too powerful to defeat without the Time Shadow.

Naturally, Ransik is the final boss. You begin to fight him in the beginning of the stage, but once he strikes you just once, you’re captured, along with the rest of the Rangers. Surprisingly, you find a way to break-free, and you need to maneuver throughout the base to find the rest of the Rangers, and then you’re finally ready to take-out Ransik for good!

Final thoughts:

Personally, the Time Force GBC game is my one of my favorite video game adaptations of the series. (S.P.D. is also a very fun game, which I will get to eventually!) I grew up having this game, so naturally I’ve grown to cherish it. The levels are fun and entertaining, and the graphics are pretty good considering the time. The only thing I found odd is that the Pink Time Force Ranger doesn’t have a skirt, although the Pink Lightspeed Rescue Ranger did in the Lightspeed Rescue GBC game. This game is definitely worth attention and praise!

Graphics: 9/10

Story: 10/10

Total: 9/10

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