(Game Gear and Gameboy) MMPR


Because of the wait for a review due to the holidays and such here is a two for one review.Along with the console versions of the games there were also handheld versions for Sega’s Game Gear and Nintendo’s Game Boy. Each one had similar elements to the version for that company’s home console.  The Gameboy using a beat em up side scrolling formula and the Game Gear version being a 1-on-1 fighting game.

The Game Gear game was similar to the Genesis version but it isn’t just a watered down port.  Using the similar fighting style in the 1play story mode you fight different monsters of the week in two round but in the first round you also fight waves of putty patrollers and occasionally Goldar in the second round you fight the monster in your Megazord. Like the Genesis version you can unlock the Green Ranger after beating him in story mode.  Each character has three basic attacks, three special moves and a throw, the throw comes in very handy, trust me. All the character animation are well done, the sprites and graphic are colourful plus detailed especially for the game gear they even mange to put in some well-done cut scenes.


The Character select screen is also cool with the rangers standing in front of Zordon and you use Alpha to pick who you want to fight as. The music and sound while not amazing does a decent job. There is also a vs mode where you can play as any of the Rangers, Monsters and even the Putties, you can go kick the butts of all the Rangers as a putty if you so choose. You can also fight two players with a friend if you have a link cable, another game gear plus a second copy of the game, good luck with that.


The Gameboy version of the game is more of a sidescroller. You go though each level as one of the five rangers and each end boss you fight in the Megazord. The last boss is even Rita which is a nice change from the other games. Each ranger controls pretty much the same with the a button jumping and the b button attacking but using select you can switch between a normal attack and more powerful weapon attack that will consume your life energy adding a nice bit of strategy to the game.


To me this version of the game is the hardest mostly sue to the Gameboy screen putties appear on screen very quickly and other obstacles like bombs appearing without warning. The game requires a lot of memorization which is difficult when each level looks bland and just repeat over and over again with no logically ends.  While the music and overall graphics are good for the Gameboy the gameplay is too boring.



The Game Gear game is fun and easy to pick-up and play game with a few cool features and wonderful visuals for the system. I would recommend anyone wanting a Power Rangers game to play. 4/5. While the Gameboy game is a boring action game with little excitement to it I would only recommend it to collectors. I would rather just listen to the music of the game then actually play it 1/5