Adam Park, Black Ranger

Name: Adam Park
Ranger: Mighty Morphin’ Black
Actor: Johnny Yong Bosch
Introduction“Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers: The Movie”
Producer: Twentieth Century Fox

Character Bio

Adam was one of the six teens chosen by Zordon to defend the Earth from evil as the Black Ranger. After Ivan Ooze damages the Command Center which inevitably causes his powers to be destroyed, he travels with his team to the planet Phaedos to acquire The Great Power. He is given the spirit of the Frog after receiving his portion of The Great Power.


Frog Ninjazord
After receiving his portion of The Great Power, Adam is also given the Frog Ninjazord to utilize in giant battles. The Frog Ninjazord has the ability to combine with the other Ninjazords to form the legs of the Ninja Megazord.


After receiving his Ninjetti Spirit from Dulcea, Adam was given this uniform to utilize in battle.