II. Movie – Allies

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Voiced By: Bob Manahan
Mentor to the Turbo Rangers, Zordon assigned the Turbo Rangers the mission to travel to Muranthias and prevent Divatox from freeing Maligore.

Alpha 5
Voiced By: Richard Steven Horvitz
Alpha 5 is the robotic assistant to Zordon and the Turbo Rangers.

Played By: Jim Simanton
Voiced By: Lex Lang
Lerigot traveled from his planet of Liaria to Earth to escape Divatox’s forces from kidnapping him so that they may use him to free Maligore. He eventually does willing offer up his services after it is revealed that Divatox succeeded in kidnapping his wife and child.

Played By: Danny Payte
Voiced By: JB Levine
Yara is the wife of Lerigot that was captured by Divatox in order to get Lerigot to aid her in getting to the Island Of Muranthias safely.


Jason Lee Scott & Kimberly Hart
Played By: Austin St. John & Amy Jo Johnson
Jason & Kim originally planned to surprise their friends by helping out with a shelter but were kidnapped by Divatox’s forces to be used as being to be sacrificed to Maligore. They are inevitably sacrificed and turned evil but are purified by Lerigot once he reunites with his wife and child.

Rocky DeSantos
Played By: Steve Cardenas
Rocky was the former Blue Zeo Ranger that passed on upgrading to Turbo Ranger status after receiving a back injury.

Angel Grove Residents

Bulk & Skull
Played By: Paul Schrier & Jason Narvy
Bulk & Skull were captured by Elgar to be the sacrifices to Maligore but Divatox found them to be unworthy to her betrothed and were thrown into the bilge. To be less of a hassle, both their brains were altered which caused them to act differently.

Jerome Stone
Played By: Gregg Bullock
After being rehired by the Angel Grove Police Department, Jerome Stone gives Bulk & Skull the task of guarding the international dance-a-thon.