II. Movie – Villains

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Space Pirates

Played By: Hilary Shepard
Divatox is an intergalactic space pirate that desires to marry the being Maligore so that she can use his power to conquer the universe. To accomplish this, she captures the Liarian Wizard Lerigot and uses his magic to pass through the Nemesis Triangle safely. After Maligore is destroyed by the Turbo Rangers, Divatox swears vengeance on the Turbo Rangers for ruining her plans.

Played By: Michael Deak
Maligore is a fire demon that Divatox intended to marry. After being released from his prison after Elgar is used as a sacrifice, Maligore takes on the Turbo Ranger in battle. After escaping the interior of the volcano, he grows and is destroyed by the Turbo Megazord.

Voiced By: Lex Lang
Rygog is Divatox’s most trusted adviser and is in charge of navigation for the Subcraft.

Voiced By: Derek Stephen Prince
Elgar is the nephew of Divatox that was given the task of kidnapping Lerigot as well as finding two being of purity and strength to sacrifice to Maligore. After Jason & Kimberly are saved by the Turbo Rangers, Elgar is used as a sacrifice to release Maligore.

The Piranhatrons are fish-like warriors that Divatox uses as foot soldiers.

Putra Pods
The Putra Pods were sent to the Ghost Galleon by Divatox to take care of the Turbo Rangers.

The Malachians are worshipers of Maligore.

Rita & Zedd

Rita Repulsa
Played By: Carla Perez
Voiced By: Barbara Goodson
Rita is called by Divatox and requested advice on how to get rid of the Power Rangers. Her advice to her was to “RUN”.

Lord Zedd
Voiced By: Robert Axelrod
Lord Zedd is shown sleeping during Divatox’s call to Rita.