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Rita Repulsa’s Army


Rita Repulsa
Played By: Elizabeth Banks
Rita Repulsa was once the Green Ranger that fought on the side of good until she was corrupted to the side of evil which inevitably caused her to kill all her teammates. Zordon, in one last ditch effort trapped her in stasis for which he laid at the bottom of the sea for many years. In present day, Rita is scooped up from the bottom of the sea by some fisherman and slowly revives herself by eating gold and finding more gold to summon her ultimate creation, Goldar in order to track down the Zeo Crystal. She eventually finds the location of the Zeo Crystal under a Krispy Kreme and nearly succeeds in gaining its power until she is slapped by the Megazord and hurled into space.

Green Ranger (Rita Repulsa)
Played By: Sharon Simms
During her time on Zordon’s Power Ranger team, Rita donned this Green Ranger Armor. The Green Ranger Armor is damaged during Rita’s altercation with Zordon during the Cenozoic Era. However, fragments of the Green Ranger Armor are donned by Rita in present day during her fight with the current Power Rangers.

Voiced By: Fred Tatasciore
Goldar is a giant being made of gold stolen by Rita that aided her in finding the Zeo Crystal. The Power Rangers are able to defeat him by slapping Rita into space and severing her connection to him.

Putty Patrollers
Voiced By: Fred Tatasciore
The Putty Patrollers are warriors made of rock that are summoned by Rita from the ground.