XV. Operation Overdrive – Social Media



Welcome to the Morphin’ Legacy Official Power Rangers Actor Social Media Database!
Here you can find links to the Official Social Media of the Power Rangers Actors and weed out all the fakes!
(if we are missing any official pages, please contact us and let us know so we may add them!)
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James MacLurcan - Mack
James MacLurcan – Mack


Caitlin Murphy - Ronny
Caitlin Murphy – Ronny


Gareth Yuen - Dax
Garenth Yuen – Dax

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Rhoda Montemayor - Rose
Rhoda Montemayor – Rose

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Samuel Benta - Will
Samuel Benta – Will

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Dwayne Cameron - Tyzonn
Dwayne Cameron – Tyzonn

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Kelson Henderson
Kelson Henderson

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