Working on my databases I’ve noticed some differences between the Sentai and the Power Ranger adaptation.
Not just the names, but in the earlier seasons some foot-soldiers were replaced all together. While when Disney took over they simply migrated over the suits and called it a day.

Season 1: Mighty Morphin’/Zyuranger
Putties/Golem Hei
In Season 1, the Zyuranger’s fight Bandora’s Golem and then they were used as Rita’s Putties.

Season 2: Mighty Morphin’/Dairanger
In Season 2 Lord Zedd’s Z-Putties took over for Rita’s weaker ones, yet they were sadly even weaker.
In Dairanger, the Rangers fought against red tie wearing Gormas.

Season 3: Mighty Morphin’/Kakuranger
Tenga Warriors/DoroDoros
In Season 3 Rito Revolto brought along his Tenga Warriors, bird like foot soldiers that squawked loudly.
In Kakuranger, the Rangers fought light blue ghoul faces who had the ability to become human!

Season 4: Zeo/Ohranger
Cogs/Baaro Hei
In Season 4 Saban chose to change the entire show up for the first time. New suits, New Zords, New Villains and everything!
Cogs are identical to Baaro Hei, they each do the bidding of the Machine Empire.

Season 5: Turbo/Carranger
In Season 5, Space Pirate Divatox had her own band of fishy soldiers who did her bidding.
In Carranger, they used Wumpers who are able to ride cars and motorcycles.
*Power Rangers actually did use these suits when the Shadow Rangers were introduced.

Season 6: in Space/Megaranger
In Season 6 a new Queen of Evil arrives working for Dark Specter and her band of Quantrons carry large sharp weapons.
In Megaranger, the Neijireija KuneKune have twisted blades and twisted faces.
*The KuneKune were used again in Power Rangers as Craterites used in the Space Rangers’ fighting simulator. They escaped once and created on huge mass of Craterite!

Season 7: Lost Galaxy/Gingaman
Sting Wingers/Yaatotto
In Lost Galaxy, Trakeena had her own force of flying Sting Wingers, well until she ran out of them.
In Gingaman, the Yaatotto of the Space Pirate Balban are the faceless soldiers of Ahab.
*These suits were used again in Lost Galaxy as the foot-soldiers of Captain Mutiny.

 Season 8: Lightspeed Rescue/GoGo V
Batlings/Spirit Servant Imps
In Lightspeed Rescue, Diabolico and his forces had these creepy bat looking soldiers.
In GoGo V the Saima clan had the same foot-soliders!

Season 9: Time Force/Timeranger
Ransik and Nadira’s foot soldiers did their dirty work after throwing nails and bolts on the ground,
While the Zenitt of the Landarz Family do exactly the same!

Season 10: Wild Force/Gaoranger
In Wild Force the Putrids are colored slightly different from their Sentai counterparts, the Orgettes.

 Season 11: Ninja Storm/Hurricanger
Kelzaks/Kenin Magerappa
Lothor used the Kelzacks as his footsoldiers and they carried tiny daggers in their hyperactive activities.
The Kenin Magerappa repeat “Mage mage, gerappa gerappa!” and dance around.

Season 12: Dino Thunder/Abaranger
Triptoids & TyrannoDrones/Barmia Hei
The Triptoids were black and white foot soldiers sucked out of a video game and were used as Zeltrax’s army.
(Tyrannodrones are dinosauric humanoids, created by Anton Mercer andTommy Oliver, as a mixture of dinosaur DNA and technology.)
The Barmia were a combination of an amoeba and human of the Invasion Garden Evorian.

Season 13: SPD/Dekaranger
The Kryobots are robotic drones that serve the Troobian Empire,
While the Anaroids came from grenade like devices given to criminals by Agent Abrera.

Season 14: Mystic Force/Magiranger
The Hidiacs are undead soldiers served Necrolai in the Underworld
While the Zobiru were  the foot-soldiers who served the Infershia  with a terrible drooling face.

Season 15: Operation Overdrive/Boukenger
Chillers & Lava Lizards/Karths &
In Overdrive the Chillers worked for Flurious while the Lava Lizards fought for Moltor
In Boukenger the warring tribes Gordom and Jaryuu had the Karths and the Ryuujinhei Jaryuu.

Season 16: Jungle Fury/Gekiranger
In Jungle Fury, the Rangers must face these hopping mad soldiers when sent in by Dai Shi.
In Gekiranger, the lowest level Rinshi are the kyonshi warriors revived by Rio and led by Mele.
*This is the first time in Power Ranger history the name has stayed the same.

Season 17: RPM/Go-Onger
Grinders/Barbaric Machine Soldiers Ugatz
In RPM the Grinders terrorized the Dome City of Corinth,
While, in Go-Onger the Gaiarc’s android grunts fight the Go-Onger and pilot the Gaiarc mecha.

Season 18 & 19: Samurai/Shinkenger
In Samurai, the Moogers creep out from gaps and terrorize the city with bows and even flying Moogers!
In Shinkenger, the Nanashi serve the Doukoku & the Gedoushou as they slither in between buildings.

Season 20: MegaForce/Goseiger
Loogies/Demon Bug Soldiers Bibi
In Power Rangers Megaforce the WarStar Aliens send out the Loogies to attack the Rangers, they are the same in Goseiger but are called Bibi!

Season 21: Super MegaForce/Gokaiger
X-Borgs/The Gormin
In Gokaiger, the space pirates  face these pretty cool looking foot-soldiers that serve the Zangyack empire. They as well walk around muttering GORMIN to themselves.

The Following have no season name, season number and are not confirmed. They are Sentai foot soldiers

Deboss-FootsoldiersNext Season: ???? / Kyoryuger
The Zorima
In Kyoryuger, the Zorima serve the Deboss Army! When many of them fuse together they create a giant Zorima to combat the Kyoryuger’s mecha.