Main Megazord Legacy



Megazords have always been a staple to a Power Rangers teams.

In this article, we shall go through every Megazord throughout the years.


Dino Megazord

Dino Megazord (1993)
Theme: Dinosaur


Thunder Megazord (1994)
Theme: Mythical Beasts

Ninja Megazord

Ninja Megazord (1995)
Theme: Ninja Animals


Zeo Megazord

Zeo Megazord (1996)


Turbo Megazord

Turbo Megazord (1997)
Theme: Cars

In Space

Astro Megazord

Astro Megazord (1998)
Theme: Spaceships

Lost Galaxy

Galaxy Megazord

Galaxy Megazord (1999)

Lightspeed Rescue

Lightspeed Megazord

Lightspeed Megazord (2000)
Theme: Rescue

Time Force

Time Force Megazord (2001)
Time Ships

Wild Force

Wild Force Megazord

Wild Force Megazord (2002)
Theme: Wild Zords

Ninja Storm

Storm Megazord

Storm Megazord (2003)
Theme: Ninja Animals

Dino Thunder

Thundersaurus Megazord

Thundersaurus Megazord (2004)
Theme: Dinosaur


Delta Squad Megazord

Delta Squad Megazord (2005)
Theme: Police Vehicles

Mystic Force

Titan Megazord

Titan Megazord (2006)
Mystic Titans

Operation Overdrive

Drivemax Megazord

DriveMax Megazord (2007)

Jungle Fury

Jungle Pride Megazord

Jungle Pride Megazord (2008)
Theme: Animal Spirits


High Octane Megazord

High Octane Megazord (2009)
Theme: Animal Vehicles

Samurai/Super Samurai

Samurai Megazord

Samurai Megazord (2011-2012)
Theme: Samurai Origami


Gosei Great Megazord

Gosei Great Megazord (2013)
Theme: Mechazords

Super Megaforce

Legendary Megazord

Legendary Megazord (2014)
Theme: Pirate Vehicles

Dino Charge

Dino Charge Megazord

Dino Charge Megazord (2015)
(Tri-Stego Formation)
Theme: Dinosaur


  1. The newest versions of the power rangers are a disgrace to the amazing show I grew up with. the Original cast was the best especially Jason the Red ranger. The original badass of action shows!

  2. Has anyone else noticed that the Tiger has been used as a Zord way too often? First in MMPR (God Bless), then in Wild Force (makes sense; tigers are wild animals), then in Jungle Fury (again, makes sense, but by this point, it seems it was overdone), and now Samurai (when will the copying end?). The Ape and Bear have also been subject to this fate, being both Ninjazords in MMPR and now in Samurai. The Lion was originally in Lost Galaxy, Wild Force, Ninja Storm and RPM before it was “resurrected” in Samurai. The Phoenix was in Zeo long before it appeared on Mystic Force. The Wolf was an MMPR Ninjazord before it showed up in Lost Galaxy. The three Dino-esque Zords that make up the Thundersaurus are all recycled MMPR zords (Two of these, the Tyrannozord and the Tricerazord are even the same color that they were in MMPR). I don’t know about you guys, but I feel a bit cheated that originality is lacking in some of the Power Rangers series (especially the newer ones).