Power Rangers In Memoriam

Over the years we have lost many members of the cast and voice actors of Power Rangers.
Here is the list of the members of the Power Ranger Universe we have lost over the years.


coollogo_com-76751339 August 23, 1956 – June 30, 2000 (Age: 53) 
Was the voice of Zordon from Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers to Power Rangers In Space

David Trueheart

coollogo_com-6134272 October 14th 1971 – April 16th 2001 (Age: 29)
Played David Trueheart, the brother of Tommy Oliver, in Power Rangers Zeo
(He is also the real-life brother of Jason David Frank) 


coollogo_com-24974547December 14th 1973 – September 3rd 2001 (Age: 27)
Played Trini Kwan the Original Yellow Ranger in Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers 

Prof. Phenomenus

coollogo_com-5858542 August 21st, 1931 – July 10th, 2005 (Age: 73)
Played Professor Phenomenus in Power Rangers in Space & Power Rangers Lost Galaxy 


coollogo_com-17857244 September 18, 1955 – March 17, 2006 (Age: 50)
Best known for his voice work as Rito Revolto & Deviot as well as many monsters Power Rangers Zeo – Power Rangers Wild Force 

Rita Repulsacoollogo_com-17858486 March 18th 1938 – May 7th 2006 (Age: 68)
Played Rita Repulsa in the Zyuranger adapted scenes of Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers as well as Mystic Mother in the Magiranger adapted scenes of Power Rangers Mystic Force 

Mr. Collins

coollogo_com-17858504 February 20th 1951 – September 22nd 2006 (Age: 55)
Played Mr. Collins in Power Rangers Time  Force 


coollogo_com-6139168 October 12th 1961 – December 30th 2008 (Age: 47)
Played Ernie, the owner of the Angel Grove Juice Bar and Youth Center from Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers to Power Rangers Turbo 

Sam Trueheart

FrankSalcedoMay 20th, 1929 – July 3, 2009
Played Sam Trueheart, David Trueheart’s adoptive Father


coollogo_com-17839371 December 31, 1959 – July 20th 2010 (Age: 50)
Played Udonna the White Mystic Ranger and mother to Nick in Power Rangers Mystic Force 


coollogo_com-1958311 July 26, 1974 – August 13, 2013 (Age: 39)
Played Richie, Trini’s love interest and juice bar server, during Mighty Morphin’

Alissa Ann Smego

coollogo_com-205701918Unknown – October 5th, 2013
Played Shawna, Aisha’s Friend who visited Angel Grove during Mighty Morphin’


      1. Hi! I know that you just LOVE to attempt to correct us, however, if you actually read what you’re trying to correct you may notice I SAID VERY CLEARLY, he voiced MONSTERS Starting in ZEO. I also mention RITO AND DEVIOT in the first sentence. Please do not correct us until you actually have something to correct. Thanks. Do your research.

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