III. Villains

Power Rangers Dimension

Lord Zedd
Lord Zedd is the sworn enemy of the Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers that is sent to the DC Dimension thanks to a glitch in the Command Centers teleportation system. He later teams up with the villain Brainiac and convinces him to shrink down Angel Grove.

Z Putties
The Z Putties are clay creatures created by Lord Zedd to use as foot soldiers.

DC Dimension

Brainiac is the sworn enemy of the Justice League that teams up with Lord Zedd once he enters his universe. After arriving in the Power Rangers Universe, he captures and shrinks Angel Grove to add to his collection of civilizations. He later transfers his consciousness into Alpha 5.


Brainiac Drones
The Brainiac Drones are robotic warriors created by Brainiac to use as foot soldiers.