I. Arsenal

The Arsenal



Power Morpher
Morph Call: It’s Morphin’ Time!
The Power Morpher is the tool necessary to morph into a Mighty Morphin’ Power Ranger.


Wrist Communicator
The Wrist Communicator is the communication device for each Mighty Morphin Power Ranger. They also give each Power Ranger the ability to teleport.

Power Weapons

Power Sword
The Power Sword is the personal sword-like weapon of the Red Ranger.

Power Lance
The Power Lance is the personal lance-like weapon of the Blue Ranger.

Power Axe
The Power Axe is the personal axe-like weapon of the Black Ranger.

Power Daggers
The Power Daggers are the personal dagger-like weapons of the Yellow Ranger.

Power Bow
The Power Bow is the personal bow-like weapon of the Pink Ranger.

Dragon Dagger
The Dragon Dagger is the dagger-like weapon of the Green Ranger. The Dragon Dagger has the ability to summon the Dragonzord from its hiding place.

Power Blaster
The Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers have the ability to combine their weapons to form the Power Blaster.

Blade Blaster
The Blade Blaster is the standard sidearm for each Power Ranger.


Green Ranger Mode
Tommy used his Dragon Coin during the events of the Black Dragon so that the Power Rangers were able to morph. The side effect of this is that it gave each suit a green coloring.

Black Dragon Armor
Trini was able to tap into the Black Dragon Armor and used it as an armored shell when she was captured by Goldar.