I. Rangers

The Rangers


Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers

Jason Lee Scott Comic Red Ranger Comic I

Jason Lee Scott, Red Ranger
Jason was chosen by Zordon to be the Red Ranger and leader of the Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers. Jason is shown to teach a Karate Class in his spare time.

Billy Cranston Comic Blue Ranger Comic I

Billy Cranston, Blue Ranger
Billy was chosen by Zordon to be the Blue Ranger. As the brains of the group, Billy is usually the person that usually solves any technical issues their tech may have.

Zack Taylor Comic I Black Ranger Comic I

Zack Taylor, Black Ranger
Zack was chosen by Zordon to be the Black Ranger. Zack is shown to be the hothead of the group shown in his distrust of Tommy. It is later revealed that Zack was Rita’s first pick to become her Green Ranger.

Trini Kwan Comic Yellow Ranger Comic I

Trini Kwan, Yellow Ranger
Trini was chosen by Zordon to be the Yellow Ranger. Trini is shown to be the heart of the group aiding and giving advice to Tommy when he was having trouble fitting in.

Kimberly Hart Comic I Pink Ranger Comic I

Kimberly Ann Hart, Pink Ranger
Kim was chosen by Zordon to be the Pink Ranger. Kim is shown to have a crush on Tommy, the Green Ranger.

Tommy Oliver Comic Green Ranger Comic I

Tommy Oliver, Green Ranger
Tommy was chosen by Rita to become her Evil Green Ranger. After breaking the spell he was put on by Rita, Tommy joins the side of good and joins the other Power Rangers. Tommy is shown to have trouble fitting into the group at first due to him having strange vision of Rita and other grim visions of the future.