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The Rangers


Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers (2016)

  Jason Lee Scott Comic Red Ranger Comic I

Jason Lee Scott, Red Ranger
Jason is chosen by Zordon to become the Red Ranger and leader of the Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers. Jason is shown to teach a Karate Class in his spare time.

Billy Cranston Comic Blue Ranger Comic I

Billy Cranston, Blue Ranger
Billy is chosen by Zordon to become the Blue Ranger. As the brains of the group, Billy is usually the person that usually solves any technical issues their tech may have and comes up with inventions for the Power Rangers to use like the Communicators. When the Black Dragon travels to their dimension, Billy is captured and his Power Coin is taken to use as a gateway for him to hack into the Morphin’ Grid to disconnect the other Power Rangers from the Morphin’ Grid. Billy is able to escape his imprisonment thanks to Goldar and is able to break into the Black Dragon and shut him down. However, Billy is sent to an alternate dimension where he learns that his counterpart died in an attempt to save Trini when Rita send an army lead by the Green Ranger to defeat the Power Rangers once and for all.


Zack Taylor, Black Ranger
Zack is chosen by Zordon to become the Black Ranger. Zack is shown to be the hothead of the group shown in his distrust of Tommy. It is later revealed that Zack was Rita’s first pick to become her Green Ranger.


Trini Kwan, Yellow Ranger
Trini was chosen by Zordon to become the Yellow Ranger. Trini is shown to be the heart of the group aiding and giving advice to Tommy when he was having trouble fitting in with the rest of the team. After Billy is sent to an alternate dimension, Trini steps up as the tech expert and develops a way to use the Black Dragon’s Armor to fight Rita and open up a portal to the alternate dimension to rescue Billy & Tommy.


Kimberly Ann Hart, Pink Ranger
Kim was chosen by Zordon to become the Pink Ranger. Kim is shown to have a crush on Tommy, the Green Ranger.

Tommy Oliver Comic 

Tommy Oliver, Green Ranger
Tommy was chosen by Rita to become her Evil Green Ranger. After breaking the spell he was put on by Rita, Tommy joins the side of good and joins the other Power Rangers. Tommy is shown to have trouble fitting into the group at first due to him having strange visions of Rita and other grim visions of the future. He eventually overcomes these visions when he learns that it was all in his head. When the Black Dragon severe the other Power Rangers connection to the Morphin’ Grid, Tommy gives his teammates his powers in order for them to morph into green versions of their powers in order to defeat the Black Dragon. While the other Power Rangers attempt to do just that, Tommy volunteers to shut down the Black Dragon from the inside when it is revealed that he is just a zord controlled by an unknown force. While attempting to shut the Black Dragon down, Tommy & Billy are sent to an alternate dimension where he never joined the side of good and that he becomes ruler of Earth known as Lord Drakkon.

Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers (1969)