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Evil Space Aliens

Rita Repulsa Comic

Rita Repulsa
Rita Repulsa is an intergalactic witch that was trapped by Zordon 10,000 years ago. In present day she attempted to destroy the Power Rangers by creating a Green Ranger first enrolling Zack and later succeeding with Tommy. After Tommy falls from her control, she attempts to power up a Black Crystal and succeeds in summoning The Black Dragon and taking over the Command Center.

Goldar Comic I

Goldar was once Rita’s second-in-command who was banished to his dark dimension after letting the Green Ranger defect to the side of good.

Scorpina Comic

Scorpina is a general in Rita’s Army that was tasked with powering up a Dark Crystal and succeeded in doing so after using a Golden Dragon Dagger to take over the Dragonzord for a short time. She is destroyed during the Command Center’s destruction.

Finster Comic

Finister’s role in Rita’s Army is creating monster and Putty Patrollers for her to utilize.

Squatt Comic Baboo Comic

Squatt & Baboo
Squatt & Baboo are loyal henchmen in Rita’s Army.

Putty Patrollers
The Putty Patrollers serve as footsoldiers in Rita’s Army.

Lord Drakkon’s Army


Lord Drakkon
Lord Drakkon comes from a dimension where Rita Repulsa succeeded in conquering Earth and is the one responsible for sending The Black Dragon to the Power Rangers Dimension. Lord Drakkon’s identity is later revealed to be Tommy Oliver.

Black Dragon Comic

Black Dragon
The Black Dragon is a being Rita summoned by powering up the Black Crystal. After being summoned to their dimension, he destroys the Command Center, kidnaps Billy, disconnects the Power Rangers from the Morphin’ Grid & unleashes the Zords on a rampage throughout the Earth. After falling apart after the combined efforts of Tommy & Billy, it is revealed that The Black Dragon was just a zord Lord Drakkon was controlling from his dimension.

Mastodon Sentry
The Mastodon Sentry is the personal army of Lord Drakkon.