II. Villains

The Villains


Evil Space Aliens

Rita Repulsa & Lord Zedd
Rita & Zedd lured the Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers into a trap on the planet Orulind. They are defeat by the combined efforts by of the Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers and Kim’s alternate team.

Goldar Comic II

Goldar is sent to France by Rita & Zedd and teams up with a fish creature named Verto in order to create an army of Fish Monsters and build a new War Zord named Typhonis. After Verto betrays Goldar, he teams up with Kimberly in order to defeat him.

Serpentera is used by Rita & Zedd to destroy the Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers on Orulind.


Verto Comic

Verto is a fish-like monster who teams up with Goldar in order to create a fish monster army. He later betrays Goldar and attempts to kill him and Kimberly by using Typhonis to walk to the bottom of the sea. Verto is eventually stopped and captured by Kim & Goldar and is forced to turn the people he mutated back to normal. After this, however, he is killed by a revenge stricken Goldar.

Fish Monsters Comic

Fish Monsters
These fish monster are humans that are mutated by Verto to use as foot soldiers.