XXII-XXIII. Locations


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Amber Beach

Amber Beach Dinosaur Museum Amber Beach Dinosaur Museum Interior

Amber Beach Dinosaur Museum
The Amber Beach Dinosaur Museum is a museum that houses many dinosaur fossils and skeletons. It also holds other exhibits like the Treasures Of Zandar.

Dino Slide Dino Lab Interior

Dino Lab
Housed under the Amber Beach Dinosaur Museum, this lab is the base of operations for the Dino Charge Rangers.

Dino Bite Cafe The Dino Bite Interior

Dino Bite Cafe
The Dino Bite Cafe is a cafe that is located inside the Amber Beach Dinosaur Museum. The Dino Charge Rangers work there when they aren’t fighting evil.

Griffin Ranch Griffin Ranch Outer

Griffin’s Ranch
This Ranch is the home of Riley, the Green Dino Charge Ranger and the Griffin family.

Amber Beach Track And Field Bleachers Amber Beach Track And Field

Amber Beach Track & Field
The Dino Charge Rangers use this track and field to train with Riley.

 Moana Kiwi Kurios Exterior Moana Kiwi Kurios Interior

Moana’s Kiwi Kurios
Moana’s Kiwi Kurios houses many powerful artifacts including the Black Energem and a mind controlling pendant.

Abandoned Lab Abandoned Lab Interior

Abandoned Lab
Fury used this Abandoned Lab in an attempt to charge up the Ptera Charger so that he may use the Ptera Zord.

Amber Beach High School Amber Beach High School Front

Amber Beach High School
Amber Beach High School is where Shelby takes summer business classes.

Amber Beach Stadium Amber Beach Stadium Interior

Amber Beach Stadium
Amber Beach Stadium is the home field of the Amber Beach Earthquakes Baseball Team.

Brindalyn Canyon Brindalyn Canyon Interior

Brindalyn Canyon
Brindalyn Canyon was the home of Koda and his tribe 100,000 years ago.


Zandar Royal Castle Zandar Royal Castle Interior

Zandar Royal Castle
This castle is the home of Prince Phillip and the Royal Family Of Zandar.

New Zealand

Albert's Home Albert's Training Camp

Albert’s Home
Albert has an RV located on the outskirts of Auckland.

Randall Home Randall Home Interior

Randall Home
This house is the home of Chase and his family in New Zealand.

Sledge’s Spaceship

Sledge's Spaceship Sledge Spaceship Interior

Sledge’s Spaceship
This spaceship serves as the headquarters of Sledge while he searches for the Energems on Earth. Sledge’s Ship is commandeered by Heckyl & Snide after Sledge is presumably destroyed and the ship crashes on Earth.

Sledge's Prison Block Closeup Sledge's Prison Block

Sledge’s Prison Block
Sledge keeps the alien creatures he has captured for bounty imprisoned in cells on his ship.


Solitary Confinement
Sledge has been know to threaten his minions with solitary confinement where the being Heckyl resides.


sentai-6 sentai-6-interior

Sentai 6
Sentai 6 is the former resting place of the Dark Energem. It was destroyed by Lord Arcanon after he obtained the Dark Energem.

Halloween Intergalactic Court I Halloween Intergalactic Court II

Halloween Intergalactic Court
The Halloween Intergalactic Court is a court system that put the Dino Charge Rangers on trial for destroying monsters.