XXII-XXIII. Villains


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 Sledge's Spaceship Sledge Spaceship Interior

Sledge’s Crew


Voiced By: Adam Gardiner
Sledge is a bounty hunter that comes to Earth in search of the Energems. To aid him in his search for the Energems, Sledge has a large army of various aliens locked up in cages that are eager to do his bidding. After many failed attempts by his cohorts to retrieve the Energems, Sledge decides to plan out his own strategy to retrieve them and releases the villain Heckyl to get the Purple Energem. Heckyl fails at this task but Sledge still succeeds in gaining the Purple Energem and add its power to his blaster and later uses it to freeze the Dino Charge Rangers and steals the Red Energem from Tyler in order to use its power to add to the Magna Beam. He fails at this however when the Get Bot retrieves the Energem to give to Tyler. Sledge is presumably destroyed after his ship crashes into the Earth. It is later revealed that Sledge survived his ship crashing and returns to obtain the Dark Energem and destroy Lord Arcanon and his followers. After returning, he reveals that he was planting Greenzilla Eggs around the world. Shortly after returning, Sledge marries his longtime fiance Poisandra. After Sledge attempts to sell the Earth to the scrap yards on Kamen 5, the Dino Charge Rangers travel to the past to destroy him in the past. They succeed at this task after he is captured by a net on his ship and hurled into the Sun.


Voiced By: Jackie Clarke
Poisandra is the fiancee and later wife of Sledge who desires to obtain the Energems so that she may finally get Sledge to marry her. Poisandra eventually tires of Sledge’s search for the Energems after he obtains the Purple Energem and threatens to leave if he doesn’t marry her as soon as possible. She decides to stay however after he promises to marry her after he obtains one more Energem but is enraged when she overhears Sledge wanting all Ten Energems. After Sledge is presumably destroyed, she pledges her loyalty to Heckyl and later Lord Arcanon in order to stay alive. When Sledge returns after planting Greenzilla Eggs around the world, Poisandra finally gets her wish by marrying him. However, this does not last long as Poisandra is destroyed in the past after Sledge’s Ship is hurled into the Sun.


Voiced By: Paul Harrop
Fury is a general in Sledge’s Army that was trapped on Earth for Sixty Five Million Years after Keeper snuck a bomb on Sledge’s Ship. Fury eventually made his way to the Country Of Zandar where he attempted to obtain the Gold Energem from the holder of the Gold Energem, Sir Ivan. After the Gold Energem is shown to no longer be in his possession, Fury absorbs Ivan. After Sledge returns to Earth to obtain the Energems, Fury rejoins Sledge’s Army and attempts to gain his master’s favor by stealing the Ptera Charger and using Ivan’s lifeforce to charge it so that he can use the Ptera Zord to destroy the Dino Charge Rangers. However, his plans fail when Ivan is freed from inside him after he touches the Gold Energem. After many failed attempts in obtaining an Energem, Fury finally succeeds in obtaining the Purple Energem in order to gain Sledge’s favor. After Sledge is presumably destroyed, he pledges his loyalty to Heckyl and later Lord Arcanon in order to stay alive. After the Dino Charge Rangers travel to the past, Fury is destroyed by the bomb that originally was used on Sledge’s Ship.


Voiced By: Estevez Gillespie
Wrench is a robotic soldier that is in charge of creating weapons and devices for Sledge’s Army. Wrench is also the one responsible for creating Curio and a machine that resurrects old monsters. After Sledge is presumably destroyed, he pledges his loyalty to Heckyl and later Lord Arcanon in order to stay alive. Wrench later officiates Sledge & Poisandra’s Wedding. After the Dino Charge Rangers travel to the past, Wrench is destroyed when Sledge’s Ship is hurled into the Sun.


Voiced By: Estevez Gillespie
Curio is created by Wrench from different monster parts in order to give Poisandra a companion. After Sledge is presumably destroyed, he pledges his loyalty to Heckyl and later Lord Arcanon in order to stay alive. Curio is last seen attending Sledge & Poisandra’s Wedding.

Heckyl & Snide


Played By: Ryan Carter
Heckyl is a prisoner from Solitary Confinement that Sledge used to obtain the Purple Energem. After failing at this task he is blasted back into Solitary Confinement where he swears vengeance. After Sledge’s Ship crashes on Earth, Heckyl is freed from Solitary Confinement once again and takes over Sledge’s Army & Ship in order to obtain the Energems for himself. Heckyl is shown to be very smart and calculating shown where he decides to keep his identity a secret in order to get close to the Dino Charge Rangers by getting a job at the Dino Bite Cafe. However, Heckyl is found out by Shelby when attempting to steal their Energems. It is later revealed that Heckyl was once good and attempted to keep the Dark Energem from Lord Arcanon. However, he fails at this task after bonding with the Dark Energem, losing all of his memories. After unfusing from Snide, Heckyl joins the Dino Charge Rangers in defeating Sledge and destroying his former half. After Sledge is defeated in the past, Heckyl becomes the keeper of the Dark Energem.


Voiced By: Campbell Cooley
Snide is the alternate personality of Heckyl that is shown to be more aggressive and less calculating than Heckyl. After escaping from Solitary Confinement after Sledge’s Ship crashes, Snide takes over Sledge’s Army & Ship and uses these new resources to obtain the Energems for himself. Snide is shown to have the ability to communicate with his alter ego Heckyl when he is in control via a pocket watch. It is later revealed that Snide came to be after Heckyl bonded with the Dark Energem. After being threatened with Solitary Confinement, Snide pledges his loyalty to Lord Arcanon in return for unfusing him from Heckyl. However, this does not last long after Snide teams up with a revenge stricken Sledge to destroy him and his followers. During Sledge & Poisandra’s Wedding, Snide decides to take on the Dino Charge Rangers himself and uses the Dark Energem to destroy them for good. However, he fails at this and is destroyed by a combined blast from the Dino Charge Rangers, the Titano Cannon and his former half Heckyl.

Lord Arcanon’s Crew

Lord Arcanon Lord Arcanon Powered Up

Lord Arcanon
Voiced By: Andy Grainger
Lord Arcanon is Sledge’s Employer that hired him to capture aliens for him in order to build an army. Arcanon later comes to Earth with Singe & Doomwing in order to imprison Heckyl and take over the hunt for the Energems. Lord Arcanon has in his possession the Dark Energem which he acquired on Sentai 6 after Heckyl bonded with it turning him into Snide. He later uses the Dark Energem to turn Zenowing into Doomwing. After failing to defeat the Dino Charge Rangers and losing the Dark Energem to Sledge, he is destroyed by him and Snide.


Voiced By: Mark Mitchinson
Singe is an alien that comes to Earth in order to team up with Snide to get the Energems. After joining Heckyl & Snide’s Crew, he develops a rivalry with Fury. It is later revealed that Singe works for Lord Arcanon, an evil warlord that is responsible for hiring Sledge to capture aliens for his evil army. He is destroyed by a revenge stricken Sledge & Snide.

Doomwing Evil Silver Dino Charge Ranger

Voiced By: Mark Wright
Doomwing is a general in Lord Arcanon’s Army that came to be after Zenowing is exposed to the Dark Energem. Using the Silver Energem, he tricks the Dino Charge Rangers into giving him information on their Dino Chargers and uses them to control their zords for a short time. Doomwing later comes to Earth with Lord Arcanon to aid him in obtaining the Energems. After unfusing with Zenowing and losing the Silver Energem, he is destroyed by the Silver Dino Charge Ranger.

Foot Soldiers


The Vivix are amoeba-like creatures that are used by Sledge and other various villains hunting the Energems as foot soldiers.

The Vivizords are giant creatures that form when multiple Vivix fuse together.


Voiced By: Campbell Cooley
The Spikeballs work on Sledge’s Ship as prison guards. They also aide Sledge and other various villains hunting the Energems as secondary foot soldiers.