Ivan, Gold Dino Charge Ranger

Name: Ivan
Ranger: Dino Charge Gold
Actor: Davi Santos
Episodes: 35
First Appearance“The Royal Rangers”
Last Appearance: “Here Comes Heximas”
SentaiZyuden Sentai Kyoryuger
ProducerSaban & Nickelodeon


Character Bio

Eight Hundred Years Ago, Ivan was a Knight from the Country Of Zandar who was given the task of guarding Prince Colin. While traveling through a forest in Zandar, Ivan finds the Gold Energem in a stream. Shortly after finding the Gold Energem, he bonds with it after defending Prince Colin from Fury. After bonding with the Gold Energem, Fury traps Ivan inside of him. In present day, Ivan is freed from Fury’s imprisonment after coming in contact with the Gold Energem and uses its power to become the Gold Dino Charge Ranger. Due to him being from medieval times, Ivan is shown to be loyal and chivalrous in personality. Ivan is also shown to be confused by modern day things. After Sledge is defeated, Ivan returns to his own time.


Gold Energem

Gold Energem
The Gold Energem bonded with a Pterodactyl Sixty Five Million Years Ago. Eight Hundred Years Ago, Ivan found the Gold Energem in a stream in the Country Of Zandar and bonded with it after defending Prince Colin from Fury. In present day, it is regarded as an ancient artifact known as the Stone Of Zandar.


Ptera Charge Zord Ptera Charge Megazord

Ptera Zord/Ptera Charge Megazord
The Ptera Zord was created by Zenowing from a Pterodactyl Fossil. In present day, the Ptera Zord is found by Fury and is used for his evil purposes. It later becomes the personal zord of the Gold Dino Charge Ranger after Ivan frees himself from inside Fury. The Ptera Zord has the ability to transform into a humanoid form known as the Ptera Charge Megazord.


Ptera Morpher

Gold Ptera Morpher
The Gold Ptera Morpher is used by Ivan to morph into the Gold Dino Charge Ranger. It can also fire blasts of energy in battle.

Ptera Saber

Ptera Saber
The Ptera Saber is the personal weapon of the Gold Dino Charge Ranger.

Dino Chargers Used

Ptera Charger

Ptera Charger
The Ptera Charger is the primary Dino Charger of the Gold Dino Charge Ranger.


Dino Drive Gold

Dino Drive
Ivan can activate Dino Drive while piloting the Ptera Charge Megazord.

Dino Super Drive Gold

Dino Super Drive
Ivan can activate this mode in order to boost the power of the Ptera Charge Megazord.

Other Forms

Ivan In Riley's Body Ivan As Dino Charge Green

Green Dino Charge Ranger
Played By: Michael Taber
When Ivan switches bodies with Riley, he assumes the Green Dino Charge Ranger powers in order to fight Professor Strickler, Game Face & Nightmare.

Body Swapped Dino Charge Rangers II

Blue Dino Charge Ranger
Played By Yoshi Sudarso
Ivan also switches bodies with Koda during their fight against Professor Strickler, Game Face & Nightmare.