Prince Phillip III, Graphite Dino Charge Ranger

Graphite Ranger

Name: Prince Phillip III
Ranger: Dino Charge Graphite
Actor: Jarred Blakiston
Episodes: 13
First Appearance“Break Out”
Last Appearance: “Here Comes Heximas”
Sentai: Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger
ProducerSaban & Nickelodeon

Prince Phillip

Character Bio

Prince Phillip is the current Prince Of Zandar who comes to Amber Beach to bring the Stone Of Zandar back to his homeland. After finding out the identity of the Dino Charge Rangers, he becomes interested in finding his own Energem in order to become a Power Ranger. He eventually does find the Graphite Energem but learns that he cannot bond with it until he performs a heroic deed. His first attempt at bonding with the Graphite Energem is to give away his money to the less fortunate which fails. However, after saving Chase’s sister Chloe from a monster attack, he finally succeeds in bonding with the Graphite Energem and becomes the Graphite Dino Charge Ranger.


Graphite Energem

Graphite Energem
The Graphite Energem bonded with a Pachycephalosaurus Sixty Five Million Years Ago. In present day, Prince Phillip Of Zandar finds the Graphite Energem and bonds with it after defending Chase’s sister Chloe from a monster attack.


Pachy Zord

Pachy Zord
The Pachy Zord was created by Zenowing from a Pachycephalosaurus Fossil. In present day, the Pachy Zord is the personal zord of the Graphite Dino Charge Ranger.


Dino Charge Morpher

Dino Charge Morpher
The Dino Charge Morpher is the tool necessary to morph into the Graphite Dino Charge Ranger. The Dino Charge Morpher can also be used as a blaster for the Graphite Dino Charge Ranger to utilize in battle.

Dino Chargers Used

Pachy Charger Phillip

Pachy Charger
The Pachy Charger is the primary Dino Charger of the Graphite Dino Charge Ranger.


Dino Com
The Dino Com is the storage unit for the Dino Charge Rangers Dino Chargers and can also be used as a communication device.


Dino Drive Graphite

Dino Drive
Phillip can activate Dino Drive while piloting the Dino Charge Megazord.

Dino Super Drive Graphite

Dino Super Drive
Phillip can activate this mode in order to boost the power of the Dino Charge Megazord.