Shelby Watkins, Pink Dino Charge Ranger

Name: Shelby Watkins
Ranger: Dino Charge Pink
Actor: Camille Hyde
Episodes: 44
First Appearance“Powers From The Past”
Last Appearance: “Here Comes Heximas”
SentaiZyuden Sentai Kyoryuger
ProducerSaban & Nickelodeon


Character Bio

An enthusiast of dinosaurs, Shelby works as a waitress at the Dino Bite Museum located inside the Amber Beach Dinosaur Museum. After coming in contact with the Pink Energem, she becomes the Pink Dino Charge Ranger. Shelby is shown to be very well-versed in her knowledge of dinosaurs, being able to tame a wild Ankylo Zord and make a device that traces Dinosaur DNA. Shelby is also shown to have romantic feelings for Tyler, the Red Dino Charge Ranger.


Pink Energem

Pink Energem
The Pink Energem bonded with a Triceratops Sixty Five Million Years Ago. In present day, Shelby Watkins finds the Pink Energem in a box stolen by Iceage and bonds with it immediately after touching it.


Tricera Zord

Tricera Zord
The Tricera Zord was created by Zenowing from a Triceratops Fossil. In present day, the Tricera Zord is the personal zord of the Pink Dino Charge Ranger.


Tricera Drill

Tricera Drill
The Tricera Drill is the personal weapon of the Pink Dino Charge Ranger.

 Pink Dino Blade Blaster

Dino Charge Morpher
The Dino Charge Morpher is the tool necessary for Shelby to morph into the Pink Dino Charge Ranger. The Dino Charge Morpher can also be used as a blaster for the Pink Dino Charge Ranger to utilize in battle and can combine with the Dino Saber for even more blasting power.

Dino Chargers Used

Tricera Charger

Tricera Charger
The Tricera Charger is the primary Dino Charger of the Pink Dino Charge Ranger.


Dino Com
The Dino Com is the storage unit for the Dino Charge Rangers Dino Chargers and can also be used as a communication device.


Dino Drive Pink

Dino Drive
Shelby can activate Dino Drive while piloting the Dino Charge Megazord.

Dino Super Drive Pink

Dino Super Drive
Shelby can activate this mode in order to boost the power of the Dino Charge Megazord.

Other Forms

Shelby In Tyler's Body Shelby As Dino Charge Red

Red Dino Charge Ranger
Played By: Brennan Mejia
When Shelby switches bodies with Tyler, she assumes the Red Dino Charge Ranger powers in order to fight Professor Strickler, Game Face & Nightmare.

Body Swapped Dino Charge Rangers I

Gold Dino Charge Ranger
Played By: Davi Santos
Shelby also switches bodies with Ivan during their fight against Professor Strickler, Game Face & Nightmare.

Evil Elf
Shelby is transformed into an evil elf after touching evil coal created by Heximas.