Albert Smith, Purple Dino Charge Ranger I

Dino Charge Purple Male

Name: Albert Smith
Ranger: Dino Charge Purple
Actor: Arthur Ranford
Episodes: 1
First Appearance: World Famous! (In New Zealand)
Last Appearance: World Famous! (In New Zealand)
Sentai: Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger
Producer: Saban & Nickelodeon

Albert Smith

Character Bio

Albert is an eccentric monster hunter that bonded with the Purple Energem after saving a little girl from being caught in a snowstorm. From them on, Albert used the powers of the Purple Ranger to perform small heroic duties around Auckland. During his first real fight as a Power Ranger, it is revealed that he is somewhat of a coward and most of the stories he told to the other Dino Charge Rangers were fake. This changes when Albert is able to trap Iceage & Stingrage in one of his traps. However, Albert decides to give up the Purple Energem in order to give it to somebody better fit for the powers.


Purple Energem I

Purple Energem
The Purple Energem bonded with a Plesiosaurus Sixty Five Million Years Ago. In present day, Albert Smith bonded with the Purple Energem after saving a little girl from a snowstorm. However, he is debonded from the Purple Energem in order to give it to someone better fit for the powers.


Dino Saber Purple I

Dino Saber
The Dino Saber is the melee weapon for each Dino Charge Ranger.