Kendall Morgan, Purple Dino Charge Ranger II

Dino Charge Purple Female

Name: Kendall Morgan
Ranger: Dino Charge Purple
Actor: Claire Blackwelder
Episodes: 44
First Appearance: “Powers From The Past”
Last Appearance: “Here Comes Heximas”
Sentai: Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger
Producer: Saban & Nickelodeon

Kendall Morgan

Character Bio

Kendall is first seen working at the Amber Beach Dinosaur Museum as Museum Director. However, it is later revealed that she aligned herself with Keeper to aide him in obtaining the Energems and to supply the Dino Charge Rangers with weapons to fight Sledge’s Army. Personality wise, Kendall is shown to be very dedicated to her work in both the museum and her role as tech advisor to the Dino Charge Rangers. She is also shown to almost never make mistake but when she does, she corrects them. During an altercation where Kendall boards Sledge’s Ship in order to rescue Keeper and obtain the stolen Purple Energem, Kendall bonds with the Purple Energem and become the Purple Dino Charge Ranger.


Purple Energem II

Purple Energem
The Purple Energem bonded with a Plesiosaurus Sixty Five Million Years Ago. After reobtaining the Purple Energem from Sledge’s possession, Kendall bonds with while trying to defend Keeper from Spikeballs.


plesio-zord Plesio Charge Megazord

Plesio Zord/Plesio Charge Megazord
The Plesio Zord was created by Zenowing from a Plesiosaurus Fossil. In present day, the Plesio Zord is found by the Dino Charge Rangers near a beach in New Zealand and later becomes the personal zord of the Purple Dino Charge Ranger. The Plesio Zord has the ability to transform into a humanoid form known as the Plesio Charge Megazord.


 Dino Charge Morpher Power Blade

Dino Charge Morpher
The Dino Charge Morpher is the tool necessary to morph into the Purple Dino Charge Ranger. The Dino Charge Morpher can also be used as a blaster for the Purple Dino Charge Ranger to utilize in battle.

Dino Saber Purple I

Dino Saber
The Dino Saber is the melee weapon for each Dino Charge Ranger.

Dino Chargers Used

Plesio Charger

Plesio Charger
The Plesio Charger is the primary Dino Charger of the Purple Dino Charge Ranger.


Dino Com
The Dino Com is the storage unit for the Dino Charge Rangers Dino Chargers and can also be used as a communication device.


Dino Drive Purple

Dino Drive
Kendall can activate Dino Drive while piloting the Plesio Charge Megazord.

Dino Super Drive Purple

Dino Super Drive
Kendall can activate Dino Super Drive while piloting the Dino Charge Megazord.